Dragon Apollo Hockey stick review

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5/5 on December 4, 2018

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I’ve been trying to get hold of one of these niche brand hockey sticks that have been coming out at a tremendous pace, for a while now.

What I wanted to know was how these brands can enter the hockey stick market with a stick priced at £275 and actually justify/sell them. I was expecting something special, because it’s a big statement to try and take on the established brands at the top end.

Well I got my chance with the top end Apollo stick from new hockey brand Dragon, and I totally get it now.

It would be easy to make a basic hockey stick and try to mass sell it, if you want to establish a brand though, release an absolute beauty and make a name for yourself. To review the Dragon Apollo hockey stick was a pleasure.


Chunky Dragon

Have you ever had a hockey stick that you thought was just a beast?

The grip is a width that makes you feel like you are gripping a axe. The shaft feels like you could post up and trap a marble hit at 1000mph. A hit so firm you could knock the skin off a ball….. well the most important thing about my review of the Dragon Apollo hockey stick is this…… IT’S A BEAST!

When I squeezed the Dragon Apollo hockey stick out of the box it came it the girth of the shaft was the first thing I noticed. From the head to the grip this stick is chunky. It could connect with any misplaced slap, stop any incoming ball and appear as a wall to anyone trying to dribble round it.

While it’s chunky, its not heavy. I wouldn’t call it light either, however it just has a surprising balanced weight that makes this seemingly impassable tree trunk so easily manoeuvrable.

Look out up ahead!

Unsurprisingly based on the stature of the Dragon Apollo hockey stick, it hits like a hammer.

While thinking how to review the Dragon Apollo, I hit slaps, passes and shots all around the pitch. Each choice seemed effortless to generate real power. With the chunky lower part of the shaft, slap passes for me where really powerful and accurate.

I would review that the Dragon Apollo hockey stick is one of the most powerful sticks I’ve had the pleasure to smash around, well up there with some of the best Gryphon sticks.

Dragon profile

The Dragon Apollo stick has the ‘low bow’ profile, which makes the nice deep curve about 230mm up from the head. This is the classic shape giving great control on the ball and being able to lift the ball as necessary.

What I really loved about this profile is the slightly closed shape at the bottom of the shaft in to the head. It made dribbling very controllable, while giving plenty of options to open up the face because the toe kind of opens out again. Very clever shape.

Sum up the Dragon Apollo?  

I am super impressed with the Dragon Apollo hockey stick. From a new brand in the market I wasn’t sure whether it would be as good as it was.

For me the standout feature to review the Dragon Apollo hockey stick is the balance of the weight and the power. Strong enough to knock the socks off a ball, solid enough to stop anything incoming and manoeuvrable enough to take on any defender.

If you are a real hockey family member, have an eye for quality and appreciate British craftsmanship, the Dragon Apollo hockey stick might just be for you.


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