About us

Passionate about hockey and confused by the many options available for sticks these days, we are a group of friends who play hockey and use our knowledge of writing on the internet to give reviews of hockey sticks we manage to get our hands on.

We do not sell hockey sticks, just hope that we provide some sensible information and a place where you can find all the key specification for hockey sticks that are available in the market.

Our site is linked to Amazon, if you click through and buy a hockey stick from Amazon based on the review you have read here then we will get paid a little bit. It won’t cost you anymore. This money will help to pay for the website and if there is any left over we will donate to hockey clubs/charities around the world that we like.

Hockey is a fantastic sport and with the fantastic advancements in hockey stick technology, players have the opportunity to advance their game. Hopefully with this website we can help people find out a little bit more about how these sticks might help them. A little more than just a list of specifications.

Where ever possible you should definitely try and get your hands on a stick before you buy one. However it is the internet era and many of us are now sensible enough to make many buying decisions just from information we can gather online, so why not!

We would be really please to publish any user feedback on sticks reviewed on this site. At the moment though, as we all have other day jobs to be getting on with, we haven’t turned on the user comments feature of the website as it just gets riddled with nonsense and we don’t have time to filter it all.

If you want to post about a stick or one of the reviews, please email us: info@reviewfieldhockeysticks.com and we will put anything we decide useful to others online for you.

Hopefully you will enjoy the reviews and most importantly we hope you buy a stick that can continue your enjoyment of this fantastic game.

Other things we are passionate about:

Absolutely love the ‘Stick for India’ campaign and will donate any profits made from this site to it. See the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/stickforindia

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We do not work for any of the brands or shops located on this site. However to help pay for the cost of hosting and things we partner as an affiliate for a number of choice suppliers. Here’s the list:

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We get loads of visitors from Australia, South Africa and North America. If you are a good online shop in these areas please get in touch, we have people looking for places to buy good hockey sticks in your area.

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We are not here to spam you, or sell your details to anyone or any of that nonsense. We don’t keep cookies or anything that allows us to track you around the internet, this is just a website to find information about hockey sticks. We have a full declaration of all of this, click here for our official privacy policy (those naughty advertising people make this necessary!)