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You could call adidas reasonably new kids on the block in the world of hockey sticks but they are really on the block with style. Watch any international hockey match and try not to spot an adidas hockey stick.

This page is dedicated to our reviews of adidas hockey sticks.

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As you would expect from a giant sports brand like adidas there is no stone left unturned with their range of hockey sticks, from the cheap and cheerful to top of the range sticks used by Olympic squads around the world they have something for every hockey player.

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I said sports brand and I meant it, I should also mention designer brand, who hasn’t had a pair of adidas trainers? Well the adidas range of hockey sticks do not disappoint in design as they don’t disappoint in technology either.

The white straight lines of the adidas logo stripe most of the hockey sticks adidas produce and if you are in to designer statements you will achieve the look you wish to by carrying an adidas stick on the hockey field.

They are not just about the design though, another benefit of being a giant is you have deep pockets and there is little left to the imagination with regards to research and development of hockey stick technology from adidas.

That’s not to say they are much further ahead than the rest of the brands, lets not discard the effort of others but with the money adidas have and a commitment to the game of hockey they certainly won’t be left behind.

I’ve already mentioned the fact adidas have a huge range of hockey stick to suit every stage of player available, so it goes without saying the have the basic choices with regards to a range of hockey stick lengths and weights.

Material wise adidas have a vast range of compositions of carbon fibre, fiberglass, aramid hockey sticks, perhaps my only recommendation comes to trying to understand where and how these mixes of material fit in each adidas hockey stick unlike and as I mention in the Kookabura hockey stick reviews their range is a little clearer. But hey, that’s what this site is for, we try to decode adidas hockey stick material compositions so you can get a clear view on the mix and the effect that has on the performance of the hockey sticks from adidas.

Other key technologies in the adidas hockey stick range are of course the shaft bow or curve in the hockey sticks for which adidas have a number of great options to suit players needs. As we know, or you can find out in the hockey shaft bow page the hockey stick curve effects players in all positions and with all playing styles of hockey. adidas don’t disappoint in giving options for the curve in their hockey sticks. I note a number of sticks in the adidas range with a 24mm curve like the TX24 and LX24 adidas hockey sticks. The former, the TX24 comes from adidas XXtreme hockey sticks that have an extremely low bow or curve in the shaft, which gives great drag and pass flicking capabilities.

On the other end of the hockey stick curve spectrum adidas also have a number of hockey sticks still available to purchase in the market with much less bow at just 17mm, which suits those players who prefer a significantly straighter hockey stick.

Another technology in adidas hockey sticks that has been designed to help with drag flick shots and passes, especially helping for the drag flick shots from penalty corners is the oval end cap and df groove in the hockey sticks with the adidas df24 hockey stick shaft.

This overview page doesn’t even really touch on the level adidas go to in development of new technologies for their range of hockey sticks. At the time of writing this page its not available yet on this site but we intend to analiyse hockey stick technologies and which manufactures have the latest and greatest in special blogs, no doubt adidas hockey sticks will feature regularly alongside the other great hockey stick brands available in the market.

If you, like so many people I speak with are interested in purchasing a hockey stick then adidas must come in to the mix for most players. So heavily involved in the international scene you might associate adidas as being high end hockey sticks only but they really have a range of hockey sticks for most players and if you are an astute buyer adidas back catalog sticks are available with advanced technology that will definitely advance or change your game without breaking the bank.

adidas hockey stick reviews on this website will give more detail on how they might feel when you take them to the field and highlight key features from adidas that make the hockey sticks great for everyone.

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