Adidas LX24 Compo 1 2014 Hockey Stick review

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3.5/5 on September 17, 2015

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  • DUAL Rod system to add stiffness and power
  • Touch compound on face to control ball
  • Aramid reinforced hitting areas


More carbon would make it stiffer

Quite expensive for the material spec




adidas’s range of sticks is impressively large. The LX24 Compo 1 is a fantastic option in amongst the range for the skilful midfielder who wants a more balanced hockey stick.

So why do I say the adidas LX24 Compo 1 is good for midfielders and is more balanced?

Well lets start with the layup, there’s not an overly low shaft bow in the adidas LX24, it comes with the adibow24 shape profile.

This shape has a bow positioned at 250mm up from the ground, which is low enough to provide additional power to push passes with the slingshot effect a lower bow gives you but high enough to help with dribbling skills. The 24mm curve is quite significant so you will certainly notice it when addressing the ball.

adidas have made the Compo 1 version of the LX24 with a 70% carbon fibre content, 25% fiberglass and the remainder of the material being aramid to reinforce the ball hitting areas of the hockey stick, namely the head and the reverse side edge.

Here is where I believe the stick is particularly well balanced. 70% carbon fibre is enough to make the stick feel hard but not overly stiff. Yes you can provide strongly weighted passes and give the keeper something to think about when connecting nicely to a shot, on the other hand you will retain a nice feel when receiving and quickly re-passing the ball from a position in the middle of the field.

Beyond the material composition adidas have installed the dual rod system in to the LX24 Compo 1 stick. These rods run along the middle of the shaft to effectively stop it bending as much when hitting the ball. This will make the stick transfer fractionally more power to the ball with slap hits in addition to more traditional passes and shots.

Another nice feature for controlling the ball in a dribble with the “touch compound”. Why they have to let the marketing people at these things I don’t know but this is a noticeably abrasive layer on the head of the ball which slightly pulls back at the ball (friction, I remember my physics lessons) to slow it down a little and keep it tighter to the stick when dribbling.

One thing I have noticed is that on my friend’s 6-month-old adidas LX24 Compo 1 the touch compound is still there. This is nice to review as some other sticks have this feature but it wears away quicker, I would say this is one of the best I’ve seen.

Looks wise the LX24 Compo 1 doesn’t disappoint either. The traditional 3 stripes of the adidas brand are really nicely presented in red against a black background. The black actually looks more matt than in some of the pictures I’ve found which I prefer to shiny.

With it’s white handle which has a great leather feeling grip tape the whole thing looks and feel really nice and stylish.

You obviously can’t overlook adidas as they are a massive player in the game. I kind of like the smaller independent brands and for that reason really want to hate every adidas hockey stick I pick up. Realistically though they are pretty good sticks and deserve their place on the field.

I would note that quite a few of the adidas stick, not just the LX24 Compo 1 have customer purchase reviews on Amazon now which shows a growing trend in people buying hockey sticks online. If you are in need of another review of the adidas LX24 compo 1 why not check amazon reviews out for yourself as part of your research.

adidas have a great stick here for pretty skilful midfielders who aren’t all about hitting hard and want a fantastic hockey stick to help them setup their team mates.


BUYER TIP: adidas have a lot of sticks on the market. Online you will find at least 3 different versions of the LX24 Compo 1, here is the differentiators to make sure you buy the right one:

2013/14 LX24 Compo 1 has the blue head and most of the features described in this review.

2014/15 LX24 Compo 1 has the black head with red stripes and the addition of the DUAL rod system which makes it a little harder hitting.

2015/16 LX24 Compo 1 is green, that’s another beast, to be reviewed (it might be on here if we have forgotten to update our page links).

Tip: try and get the 2014/15 model under £175, you should be able to do that after the start of the 2015 season in October.

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