adidas LX24 Compo 1 review 2016/17 model

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4.5/5 on August 3, 2016

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2016 2017 season adidas LX24 sticks are blue, really blue! I mean the colour not that they are sad. In the 2015 / 2016 season they were green.

In fact, the blue is so cool it stands out for miles, in a good way, I’ve never seen this type of blue on a adidas hockey stick before and it really is good. My friend rocked up to our last summer hockey game with one recently and it made him look much better, shame it didn’t make him a better player J

What always immediately stands out to me about adidas hockey sticks is the balance. holding the LX24 compo 1 is just so comfortable. The LX24 compo 1 has a really even weight distribution meaning the head doesn’t seem to pull your arm as you lift and manoeuvre the stick.

Now the LX24 compo one is not one the top of the range carbon hockey stick from adidas, the material composition is 70% carbon fibre, 25% fibreglass and they use aramid (the material that makes Kevlar bullet proof vests) to reinforce the face of the head and the reverse edge.

Despite not being top of the range, based on the fact you can buy this direct from adidas online for £150 I think this is top of the bargains of hockey sticks available.

Because these LX24 Compo 1 hockey sticks are such great quality and because of the shaft reinforcement from the DUAL ROD system, they really hit the ball well, while having enough flex to cushion incoming balls and control your dribble.

Talking of control, another reason I particularly enjoy the LX24 compo 1 from adidas is the shape of the shaft. They call this shape the adidbow24 and it is, in my opinion (as a greedy mid-fielder) the best adidas shape for dribbling the hockey bal.

All adidas hockey sticks have a 24mm bow, which is just under the allowed 25mm and the adidbow24 shaft on the LX24 compo 1 2016 / 2017 season stick sits at 250mm up from the heel, making it a low bow but comfortably low, not extreme.

For me this gives a good combo of a low bend to help dribbling control, slingshot power, drag-flick capabilities with a straight enough lower section to play controlled slaps and hits without the ball lifting too much.

Another amazing feature of the adidas sticks, particular the LX24 compo 1 because of the shape is the way you can connect with reverse hits. As mentioned above adidas add some reinforcement to the edge which helps connect with power.

In particular though the balance of the entire stick helps to swing the wrong way round easier, especially for those of us that find it unnatural.

All in the adidas LX24 compo 1 is one of the greats of the adidas 2016 / 2017 collection. Although they claim to have updated the material composition it’s the same as last year, as I understand it from my contacts at adidas it’s using a new type of carbon which is supposed to be better quality, you can’t really tell in my opinion.

I’m loving the blue and if you are looking for a top class, “mid-hundred” cost low bow stick, the LX24 compo 1 is definitely for you!







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