As easy as One, Two, Three….. The ‘Total’ TK 2017 Hockey stick range

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Welcome to TK Hockey 2017 and welcome to the best way to understand the range of TK hockey sticks for this 2017 to 2018 season. Released in summer 2017 TK have had a massive overhaul this year to their stick range.

Like Grays, they have also made it possible to buy TK hockey sticks on their own website, though in my opinion the information there is lacking clarity, I would want to buy without finding out more.

I lied a bit in the title, we focus here on the Outdoor Senior TK hockey stick options available to buy as of August 2017, there are indoor and Junior options available in addition.

Outdoor Senior TK hockey sticks are available in the TK Total One, TK Total Two and TK Total Three models with the Total Four and Total Five having the Junior and indoor options.


Renaming of the TK shaft shapes, bows and positions, groovy!

A good place to start with the TK Hockey range 2017 is to understand the shapes of the shafts. There are 6 shapes of TK Hockey stick to buy online in 2017, one new shape and a renaming of them all.

      SUPERSTATE Shape – 25mm bow at 200mm up

SUPERSTATE is the name of the lowest bow shape of TK hockey stick in 2017. This is an extreme low position of 200mm from the heel and is a maximum allowed 25mm curve.

       ILLUMINATE Shape – 25mm curve at 225mm up

ILLUMINATE is TK hockey’s drag flick groove stick of 2017. As everyone in hockey is drag flicking at every opportunity now (I must learn how to do that) it seems necessary to have a low bow 225mm up stick that has groove in the top of the head and lower part of the shaft to help us. The Illuminate is that TK stick!

ACCELERATE shaft shapes from TK are the same 225mm up low bow, without the groove in the head and shaft of the ILLUMINATE sticks. Both are a full 25mm curve so the maximum allowed by the regulations.

Ultimate Shape – 25mm curve at 250mm up

ULTIMATE is the most common low bow shape, generally favoured by most players who keep the ball on the astro, most of the time. A maximum 25mm curve is positioned low in the shaft at 250mm up from the heel. Quite unique amongst their competitors, TK have included a concave face and light groove in this low bow model for 3D skills and additional dribbling control, interesting.

INNOVATE Shape – 25mm curve at 250mm up

INNOVATE is the same 250mm up and 25mm curve as the ULTIMATE TK hockey sticks. This model is a more tradition one with no groove.

ACTIVATE Shape – 22mm curve at 300mm up

ACTIVATE is the last shape in the 2017 TK hockey range. Last but not least as they say, this model is straighter with a 22mm curve, which is positioned at a mid-point of 300mm up from the heel, making it a more traditional shape, generally favoured by defenders.


Get your groove on

Becoming more and more common, one of the big differences in the TK range this year is the two options for the groovy indents designed to assist with 3D work and fancy dribbling.

Personally, I don’t get on with them to well, I generally pass more than flick and therefore I find the groove can change the success of flat passes.

However, some kids I play with swear that they allow for better control of the ball when dribbling and a young short corner specialist we have in our club absolutely loves how the longer groove helps this skill.

Check out our article on drag-flick specialist sticks for more information, it was written before this range of TK hockey sticks, but you’ll get the idea.


Play with your ‘head’, not your heart

Another significant change to the 2017 range of sticks from TK hockey is the availability of difference head shapes. adidas 2017 hockey sticks launch their 3DHEAD and while TK don’t seem to have been quite as dramatic, it’s good to see options more clearly available.

New coaching styles encourage individualism in players, one of the most different aspects of how people play hockey is whether they are very open, or very closed in their ball control stance.

Basically hockey stick manufacturers seem to be recognising this and offering either more open faces with thinner profiles, or straighter (more closed than the open) profiles of head, both to suit players individual styles.

This option from TK hockey seems to come inline with the shaft shapes.


TOTAL TK Hockey stick summary

We could go on for ages about TK Hockey sticks 2017 range, and we will, there’s just not enough space on this page.

To summarise, I really like the way TK have consolidated down to just naming their sticks Total 1, Total 2, Total 3 and so on this year. You know what you are getting at each level with the matching shaft shape names.

The new braid process for laying up the carbon should help those top end sticks perform even better. The Total TK sticks of 2017 introduce a wider range of groove options to suit the 3D skills of today’s play.

All-round, as expected, the precision engineering of the German outfit TK hockey has produced a nice new set of hockey sticks which you will get great value from if you buy this season!

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