Best adidas hockey stick technology review

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Every hockey stick brand has technology to enhance the playability their sticks provide.

‘Technology’ refers to not only the core things we have come to expect from composite hockey sticks such as hockey stick shaft bow shapes and positions, hockey stick weight and the hockey stick material composition. ‘Technology’ also refers to features added to the stick to make it perform better.

adidas hockey have a number of key ‘technology’ feature to try and make adidas hockey sticks the best available in the market. When you are reviewing adidas hockey sticks with a view to buying them online, it’s important to know the adidias terminology.

If you haven’t already, you can skip over and read our full explanation of the adidas hockey stick range in 2015 which describes all the available adidas hockey sticks, their shaft bow shapes and material compositions. When you start to review individual sticks you will find some of the following features also listed against some models.

adidas Touch Compound

Some, in fact most adidas hockey sticks will list the Touch Compound. This is a abrasive layer on the face of the head of the hockey stick. It is designed to aid ball control.

Most brands have this feature on some of their sticks now, adidas hockey sticks are good at ball control but not outstanding. On all hockey sticks we have reviewed in the past this layer normally wears down over time.

adidas Reinforced Main Impact areas

On almost all adidas hockey sticks you will see reference to reinforced main impact areas. adidas add Aramid (the material used in bullet proof vests) in the face of the head and on the reverse edge of the adidas hockey sticks, the main places that hit the ball.

adidas DUAL carbon rod system

Another feature you will see across the Carbon and Compo 1 adidas hockey stick range is the Dual Carbon Rod system. Other brands use this terminology and some refer to it as triple chamber.

Within the shaft of the adidas hockey sticks with dual rod system there are 2 rods of carbon which reinforce the stiffness of the stick. This is designed to hit the ball harder.

adidas dual rod system

adigrip tape

Some adidas hockey sticks feature adigrip tape. This is the type of tape around the handle of the stick. The hockey sticks with adigrip feel more like leather chamois than the straight polyurethane version, which makes them feel a little softer in your hand.

adidas hockey sticks are some of the best in the market, we have a great guide how to choose the best adidas hockey sticks across the whole 2015 range, so get over there and check it out to understand even more about the adidas hockey stick range.

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