Choosing a stick

Key hockey stick information that might effect your game

Deciding to buy a new hockey stick is a big deal. If you are new to or rejoining hockey you may be considering many factors. You might be moving on from your old hockey stick because of damage or advancing your play.

Our ultimate goal is to give you information collated from the main hockey stick brands, reviews of hockey sticks from actual hockey players and impartial advice on buying hockey sticks to suit you.

Though each stick is designed slightly differently, there are some common components to hockey sticks available that you can consider as you make your decision to purchase a new hockey stick.

To understand the exact variants in each stick you will want to read the reviews carefully. Though everything below is common in each manufacturers hockey equipment, a Grays hockey stick might provide slightly different features to a TK hockey stick and that of a Malik hockey stick and so on.

Hockey sticks to suit you will include differing attributes to consider about how they suit your playing style, these include:

Length – Hockey sticks vary in length, mainly to suit the player’s height but it is mainly to suit your style. Some hockey players prefer to be more upright while others like to crouch and bend over the ball more. To find more Information on the difference the length of stick can make and common sizes, read our review of hockey stick sizes

Weight – Like length the differing weights of hockey sticks will effect how you play. Personally I like to give the ball a good slap so go for a heavier weight. Other hockey players like to be more at one with the ball and find a light or superlight stick gives them better mobility. For more information read our review of hockey stick weights

Materials – The ability for hockey stick manufactures to be so specific with weight & length now is generally down to the range of materials available in the construction of hockey sticks these days. As well as the construction of the hockey stick, the material used can improve longevity of the hockey stick on today’s artificial surfaces. If you want specific information on the common materials used in hockey sticks, read the review of hockey stick materials page

Stick bow – Modern hockey sticks are all made with a bow in the shaft to change elements of the game. This bow is regulated by the international hockey bodies to enforce standards. Each hockey stick brand and style offers differing bows. Find out how the bend in a hockey stick can improve your game on the review of hockey stick shaft bow page

Head shape – The shape of the head of a hockey stick will change dribbling control and hitting impact of the stick. Though the shapes are not very varied, you can get a better understanding of the different heads hapes and how they effect play on the review of hockey stick head shape page

Features – Hockey sticks have a number of other features helped by technologies that can effect how they feel when you play with them. Anti-shock technology, grip types, reinforced areas and mixed materials all play a part. Rather than create many pages on these subject we include special features with each hockey stick review.

Design – Like it or not, the way the hockey stick looks will play a huge part on whether you buy it, and probably enjoy it. Follow along with each brand and their hockey stick review to get more information on design.

Many of these factors, though important, will only affect the way the stick performs for you as an individual hockey player. You need to know about how you play and the way the best players in the game play hockey so you can make an informed decision on which stick will give you maximum performance.

We try where possible to include as much relevant information about which variants and features are included with each brand and what effect this might have on your game.

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