Hockey Stick Length

Information about Hockey Stick length

Choosing the right length of hockey stick is very important. Dependent on your height, playing style and how you like to dribble and hit the ball will determine which length of hockey stick you should choose.

Controlling a hockey ball at the end of the stick will generally be easier if it is closer to your hands as a centre of balance. However this short distance to the ball is to the detriment of a couple of key factors namely;

  • how far you can reach to take a ball under control or make a challenge
  • how far the hockey stick will swing before ball impact will affect the power transferred to the ball when hitting
  • when dribbling the more stooped over you are the less easy it will be to stand up straight to look up to make passes or avoid oncoming defenders when dribbling.

You should consider using the longest length of hockey stick you feel comfortable with to give you the best opportunity to hit the ball hard, trap at distance, make tackles and dribble effectively.

I would recommend of course that you get your hands on a stick and get a feel for it with regards to length. If you choose a stick too long in the first instance you may struggle to get used to the distance the ball runs on the floor away from you hands and in fact struggle to control it.

That said, the lengths of stick do not vary massively and you can make an informed decision based on the lengths available in the market and consider holding something that can represent a hockey stick imagining a ball as close to your feet as possible.

Generally the range of lengths should be somewhere between your waist and your chest so consider a balance of lengths in this zone.

Another factor of the sticks length can be the weight that comes with it. The less hockey stick the less the weight and the longer it is the more weight there will be to the stick. This can be controlled with the use of modern hockey stick materials and you should understand the effect hockey stick weight could have on your game.

36.5 or 37.5 are common available lengths

36.5 or 37.5 are common available lengths

Some very important information you should consider to help you when trying to establish the best hockey stick length for you are:

  • Is it comfortable to address, dribble and hit a ball with the length of stick?
  • When swinging the hockey stick and dribbling the ball does any part of your body get in the way or the end of the hockey stick?
  • Are you stooping or bending over too much when controlling the hockey ball?
  • When you hit the ball is the head of the hockey stick angled as you intended it to be or have you lost control and the face turns to be to open or closed? If you are loosing control then the stick is probably too long.

Standard lengths of senior men’s hockey stick

When I say senior here I don’t just mean us old duffers, senior refers really to anyone of adult age, who is not going to get considerably taller, compared to juniors.

Before the advent of modern hockey stick materials and manufacturing processes hockey sticks where made to a standard length of 36 inches. Now a range of lengths have been developed up and down from this length to create the best hockey stick for you.

The most commonly available length for adult men’s players is 36.5 inches that will suit most players. However, for example I am 5’11 and prefer to play more upright and use a stick of 37.5 inches in length.

That said 36.5 inches hockey stick length provides a good stance style for the majority of male adult players in the height range of 5’6 to 6 foot. Though I would urge that if you are over or under this range you buy a hockey stick that suits.

Standard lengths of adult women’s hockey sticks

We should never refer to women hockey players as senior. For women there is nothing really that changes with regards to a decision on which length of hockey stick that will suit their needs.

Again the most important consideration is how far away from the ball feels comfortable considering the important factors extra hockey stick length will have on your game.

Some times women who are shorter like to have shorter sticks and although harder to find lengths of hockey sticks can vary from as short as 34 inches to suit shorter players.

Standard lengths of junior hockey sticks

Hockey stick sizes for juniors are accommodated with much shorter sticks. Hockey sticks as short as 26 inches are available for younger players. However when playing as a junior it is a great opportunity to get used to longer sticks and develop your skills and style around a length of stick that allows for good habits in the game.

Do not however play with a stick that is too long or the reverse affect may happen and all control and feel will be lost. My daughter is 5 and about 48 inches tall, she is perfectly comfortable controlling a ball with a hockey stick of 30 inches.