Dita Exa 400 review

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3.8/5 on January 28, 2016

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So we are calling the Dita Exa 400 a drag-flick enabled hockey stick for this review, we love Dita, they have been around the hockey field for ages and make some good, often underestimated hockey sticks.

When you find a Dita hockey stick owner they normally have that self confident smugness which comes with being totally at ease with their hockey stick choice.

Dita Exa 400 owners no doubt have a grin like Cheshire cat every Saturday when they get out on the field with this hockey stick and are probably far to busy playing great hockey to worry about writing a review to help others buy the Dita Exa 400 for themselves!

Why, well how about the slightly different head shape, the Exa 400 features the Dita J shape, the best way to describe it is that its somewhere between a Maxi and a hook. Big area to control the ball combined with a toe to catch hits cleanly.

Or maybe they are enjoying the power of the Dita Exa 400. At 80% carbon you might think there is some give in a Dita Exa 400 but this is actually as stiff as come great 90% + carbon sticks that I have used.

My only recommendation comes with this power point, if you need some feel receiving the ball, perhaps the Dita Exa 400 is not for you. When I first moved to full carbon sticks it was the biggest change in my game, to adapt the way I receive the ball, it’s possible, with practice.

Personally its worth it, this stick is low bow stick, at 225mm up and a nice distinct 24mm curve is not going to suit a defender, more an attacking midfielder and you should be able to adjust your game to receiving the ball nicely.

When you do, the balance point, shaft shape and the awesome J shape head will see you move quickly through the field and leave you plenty of power to shoot on goal.

Dribbling is one of the areas the Dita Exa 400 standard out in our review as helping players the most. Dita hockey sticks have a great balance to them which makes them very manoverable, I think second only to Malik for dribbling prowess.

We couldn’t make dribbling the key point about the Dita 400 in this review though, because without a doubt the drag-flick feature wins. I can see this stick in the hands of the teams aggressive mid-fielder who also shoots the penalty corners.

There is a groove in the top of the head and lowest part of the shaft, this groove is designed to have the ball run inside of it when carrying out the drag-flick technique. Imagine rolling the ball across the flat side of the shaft and it rubbing a groove in to the carbon, it’s a little like that.

This drag-flick groove on the Dita 400 review will no doubt assist to guide the ball perfectly from behind you to in-front and you create momentum in your drag-flick. It is to provide accuracy, you just provide the power.

In our review summary I will say that the Dita Exa 400 is a gem in the Dita hockey range. It has its specific place, that mid-fielder with short corner responsibilities, so if this is you, you must consider the Dita Exa 400 as a great option for your next hockey stick.


  • Shaft bow: 24mm curve at 225mm up from heel
  • Headshape: Dita J Head
  • Material Composition: 80% carbon (feels like more) / 20% fibreglass
  • Drag Flick feature: Groove



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