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Welcome to our page dedicated to great reviews of Dita hockey sticks. Below you will find reviews of Dita hockey sticks to help you choose whether there is a hockey stick from Dita available to advance your play on the field.

Once again due to the huge range of hockey sticks from Dita our reviews are designed to cover the important information you will need to know about a Dita hockey stick before making a purchase.

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At first glance the Dita hockey stick range can look so vast it might seem confusing. On closer inspection it is not as complex as you might think. If you can get under the skin, you will find that Dita actually focus on some cool technology advancements. Though these are slightly different to some of the hockey brands, there are certainly some features that sound useful.

Yes you can buy Dita hockey sticks with 95% carbon fibre compositions like is available in top end TK hockey stick and Gryphon hockey stick but they make a point of highlighting some other cool stuff too.

The Dita outdoor hockey stick range for adults is basically split in to two types, the Exa and the Terra Dita hockey sticks. Then you will find some numbers after the name, which basically depicts the carbon content in the hockey stick material composition, don’t be fooled by this, while a 400 has 40% carbon the 700 has a higher percentage of carbon than the 70% you might expect.

Because of this be sure to read the Dita hockey stick reviews carefully if you believe that a stick with a certain level of carbon fibre content is something that will improve your game.

Though that numbering schemer can be confusion the nice clear notable difference between the two Dita hockey sticks, the Exa and the Terra, is the hockey stick head shape which from Dita focuses on the difference between making drag passes and shots more controlled.

The Dita Terra is designed with a more purposeful gap between the tip of the head and the hockey stick shaft to give more control when dragging the hockey ball.

The hockey stick shaft bow in the Dita hockey stick range is low and the maximum allowed curve. For players who are used to a more straight hockey stick this low and extreme bow in the Dita hockey stick might seem unusual to start with, the benefit however is significant.

With a low and extreme hockey stick curve Dita focus here on the stopping control and drag passing benefits. It’s a choice I believe significant as really we should all be moving towards a hockey stick shaft curve that is more than we are initially comfortable with as it does improve important aspects of the game.

If you like the Dita hockey sticks and would rather less bow for your buck, take a look carefully at our Dita hockey stick review pages because some of the previous range offer different options in the hockey stick shaft bow position and even in the extremity of the hockey stick curve.

Another notable technology in Dita hockey sticks is the grooves in the head of the stick. The theory here is on modern water based artificial hockey pitches, the water on the field can give a slight cushion effect between stick and ball. This might reduce the power of impact so Dita add slight grooves to the head of the hockey stick to act as a drain for the water, clearing the way for a rock solid hit.

I find it interesting how different manufacturers can focus on specific technology, Mercian hockey stick company focus heavily on the materials used and here we find Dita focus very much on the head of the stick, with a few difference shapes and specific things like the grooves Dita add to the head of the stick.

You can definitely be confident that if you want to choose a Dita hockey stick for your next field hockey equipment purchase a real love for hockey has driven the brand to make great hockey sticks.

dita hockey reviews

There are some great designs available with bright exciting colour choices what would you expect from a cool Dutch hockey stick brand, and the Dita name is integrated in to the designs in a striking way.

If you want to be seen and noticed on the hockey field you can certainly do that with the design of the Dita hockey sticks and if you are the sort of person that likes a good quality and understated brand you will enjoy buying, carrying and playing with a Dita hockey stick that’s for sure.

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