Grays GR7000 hockey stick review

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3.5/5 on September 17, 2015

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  • High Technology specification for standard bow stick
  • Handle and grip are tacky giving sticky feel
  • 2014/15 model features Grays Graphene technology


  • Bow makes a very straight feeling stick
  • Red design only a mother could love
  • Not designed for drag-flicking skills


Overall the balance of all the features in the Grays GR7000 does make it an excellent choice for a good well rounded player. If being in control and being confident in the middle of the pitch is your style then the Grays GR7000 could be the perfect stick for you.

A great first step, or perhaps a slight step back for the player to whom a super-stiff and curved stick isn’t right. The Grays GR7000 is important to review for anyone who still likes a softer feel on ball control and is looking for the improvement to their game that a more stiff hockey stick can deliver.

It’s initially expensive but playing sensibly at club level the addition of a number of features to assist with durability will mean this hockey stick is great value for money as it should last a long time.

Providing a great all-round balanced hockey stick the Grays GR7000 is one of the best available with a straighter feeling profile. The curve of only 20mm makes this stick perform much more like tradition hockey stick with the added benefits that composite materials bring.

Grays offer 5 different stick bow shapes. Ranging from the low and extreme curves of the Probow & Jumbow stick through to the standard bow shape that is given to the GR7000.

Whether this shape is best or not obviously depends on your style. Players who prefer this straighter type of bow probably find that the more curved, lower position of the other options has a couple of effects of their game:

  • The ball lifts to often with passes
  • They loose the ball when dribbling with the ball in-front of them
  • Control of the ball is lost when receiving it when dropping the stick low

Although these skills are something you can work on, you might choose to buy a hockey stick like the Grays GR7000 to suit your style more.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Grays GR7000 hockey stick and its standard shaft bow is still curved, it is just a smoother curve along the whole length of the shaft. You still benefit from the control of the ball to an upright stick and the increased power in push passes and drags.

The Grays GR7000 isn’t only about the shaft bow though as I alluded to above in my review the best features of a composite material are an important part of the Grays GR7000 hockey stick.

Often with the straighter feeling bats the hockey stick brands seem to pull back on other technology. This is not the case with the Grays GR7000. I was very pleased to review the Grays GR7000 and find some of Grays best technical developments have been added to the stick.

In this 2014/2015 season model of the Grays GR7000 have added their fantastic playing features. The one that always stands out is the PP enhanced zone which, despite being one of the most confusing pieced of markets noise is actually a great feature to assist with backhand passes and shots.

Basically this PP enhanced zone is an area of reinforcement positions in the areas of the stick that you need to be strong to allow forgiveness with backhand moves. Lot’s of brands claim functionality in this area and I find Grays is one of the best.

Something I really like on the Grays GR7000 is the handle. Many brands now go for a sexy leather feel to the grip and although they feel like something you could rub on your face while you cuddle the stick in bed, I get the impression it won’t last long.

The Twintex grip on the 2014/15 model of the Grays GR7000 is one of the best features I picked up in my review. It feels sturdy, not only to touch but that it will be around for quite a while, not be replaced with a chamois.

And this stick could well be around for a while. The material composition is a mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass with the addition of aramid. This is all stuck together with the “Graphene” material Grays have developed.

Graphene is basically a made up word but the theory is great. Obviously a hockey stick can’t just be a load of fibres, it needs to be help together with something. Grays GR7000 has a new type of resin holding it all together, named Graphene. It is a resin like all other but this has tiny carbon fibres in it, further reinforcing and stiffening the stick.

Combined with Grays abrasion protection feature “AR Durazone” which again is a reinforcement, this time on the heel of the stick to stop the AstroTurf eating away at it, the Grays GR7000 should be a very long lasting, tape free stick for seasons to come.

Finally I’ll recommend the IFA feature. Why the hockey stick brands need to make so many confusion phrases I do not know but this Improved Feel Area on the maxi head of the Grays GR7000 is actually pretty sweet.

Designed not only to make the head of the stick more grippy by adding a texture to it, IFA is actually a layer on the ball facing edge of the head which includes a mix of aramid and fiberglass to make a softer feeling material that in turn gives a softer feel when contacting the ball.

This gives what is a very stiff stick, normally favoured by advanced players, a little more forgiving feeling.



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