Grays GX3500 Dynabow Hockey Stick review

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3/5 on February 14, 2018

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For the 2017 / 2018 season Grays have certainly done a lot of work to make the style and designs of their sticks even more attractive. The Grays GX3500 Dynabow we review is a great example of that with its sleak black colour and gold detail.

While the 2017 / 2018 Grays GX3500 hockey stick looks great, this review gives you the key information whether the sticks technology and features live up to its looks.

Is a hockey stick under £100 worth it?

Hockey snobbery normally drives me to buy sticks for well over £100, sometimes over £200, however perhaps the GX3500 Dynabow from Grays in 2017/18 is enough stick anyway.

Extra money in a stick is often to pay for the carbon content. Carbon rather than glass fibre is known for making hockey sticks even lighter, while increasing the power the stick will hit the ball with.

Yes, if you are using a high carbon stick right now then the 30% carbon content in the Grays GX3500 will seem low, and you will notice the difference, however I review that the Grays GX3500 is one of the best feeling more fibreglass sticks I’ve ever hit with.

It must be how the carbon is laid in the construction of the stick that makes the Grays GX3500 Dynabow a great stick for power.

It’s not all about power

Many of us don’t need to smack the skin off the ball with every hit and the Grays GX3500 has many other great attributes than just the carbon content, therefore power it generates.

Dynabow is an awesome shape of shaft on the Grays sticks. The curve is big being 24.75mm and it sits really nicely at 250mm up. This makes the Grays Dynabow a low bow, but not a crazy low bow hockey stick that’s hard to control.

This bow position is great for most skills like quick dribbling and trapping incoming balls, even when you post up nice and straight. The Dynabow is defiantly a favourite shape of mine and most players.

Best feature of the Grays GX3500 Dynabow review

By far the best feature to review about the Grays GX3500 (appart from it’s fair price) is the new Grays Micro head. This head has been about for a while as an option on some Grays hockey sticks, however it has had a update in recent years.

Grays Micro head that is featured on the GX3500 is slightly smaller than the maxi head, it is also laid back at a slightly more open angle, making dribbling and slight lifts of the ball much easier.

Imagine the ball at your feet and the stick straight behind it, the micro head looks like it would scoop under the ball easier than the maxi head. It can take a little adjustment to play with, however it’s only a fractional difference and it’s easy to get used to.

Obviously to the smaller head makes a tighter sweet spot and perhaps this is why you can generate good power from this less carbon hockey stick.

Summary review of the Grays GX3500 Dynabow

This hockey stick looks stunning and for a player who like to dribble and keep great control of the ball, the combination of the micro head and dynabow shape are a perfect review.

Being made by Grays you can expect quality, even from a relatively cheap hockey stick and the Dynabow could easily see plenty of time on the field before you need to replace it.

Where to buy the Grays GX3500 Dynabow hockey stick:

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