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This page is dedicated to our review of Grays hockey sticks.

Our intention is to provide impartial advice and reviews on Grays hockey stick and we welcome input from anyone in the hockey community on the Grays hockey sticks within our review pages.

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Grays have a long history of making fantastic hockey sticks and, dare I say, are probably one of the most seen hockey sticks on hockey pitches across the world. Catering for a huge spread of players Grays hockey sticks come in a fantastic range to suit all types of player.

Our hockey stick reviews of the Grays range gives information on the latest and greatest and also as much info as we can provide on the back catalog of Grays hockey sticks you can buy online. Some people love to have the latest model and some will find a Grays hockey stick available at fantastic discounts just because it’s a model from a couple of years ago.

Things to consider when reading the reviews of Grays hockey sticks on our site include the hockey stick length, hockey stick curve, hockey stick weight and some of the technology in combining materials in hockey stick to give the sticks more feel, power and longevity.

As I mentioned Grays hockey sticks have a really long history in the game of hockey around the world. There are lots of hockey stick brands to choose from and if you choose a hockey stick from Grays you will be buying a stick, which has history and uses some of the best technology available in the market.

If you want to know some more history about Grays and their hockey business roots, and keep up to date with which well known players are using Grays hockey sticks you can check out our Grays hockey history page.

grays hockey history

Grays history in hockey and the reputation that brings the company with players allow them to invest in plenty of research in to developing the great Grays hockey sticks much loved by players around the world.

Some of the key hockey stick technology you’ll find throughout the Grays range of sticks include:

5 different options of hockey stick curve in the shaft and blade profile of Grays hockey sticks. The Probow, Jumbow, Dynabow, Mid-bow and standard hockey stick curves from Grays offer different playing conditions for players buying Grays hockey sticks. Read more about how the curve in a stick can affect your hockey game on our hockey stick shaft bow information page.

Grays hockey offer a range of commonly used hockey stick head shapes to suit the needs of all players regardless of their hockey playing position and hockey playing style. You will also find different technologies in Grays hockey stick heads to improve play. Features in the head of Grays sticks are usually designed to improve the feel and control of the ball when hitting and receiving it.

There are also lots of other features Grays have developed in their hockey sticks with the benefit of access to the worlds leading hockey players. There is the Grays scoop profile heads, which assist with 3D hockey skills and in the Grays GR range of hockey sticks they favor a hockey stick material called Graphene that is a more microscopic form of carbon fibre that makes for a denser material, Grays say.

You can buy Grays hockey sticks in a range of designs, there’s no animals like elephants like on the TK hockey sticks and though they have generally been known for fairly plain designs you can find some pretty cool looking Grays hockey sticks on the market. And timelessness is pretty cool anyway.

My summary is that you can’t go far wrong with a Grays hockey stick and with so many available at great prices online buying a Grays hockey stick is a good choice for anyone wanting to improve their hockey game by changing stick.

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And of course before you rush in and buy a Grays hockey stick make sure you explore the site for more information on how to choose the best hockey stick for you.

And if you just like to keep up to date on the latest information about Grays hockey sticks and all the other great hockey stick brands please feel free to subscribe to our hockey stick blog and we will mail you information hot off the press.

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