Gryphon Chrome Atomic Pro II hockey stick review

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0/5 on September 17, 2015

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To be absolutely clear, this review is about the Gryphon Chrome Atomic hockey stick with the Pro II profile shaft. The Chrome Atomic is available in Pro II and the Classic Curve shapes. What’s best? Depends on your game.

So if we start with the general then we can move on to the specific.

I was looking to add some mid-priced hockey sticks to my reviews and the Gryphon Chrome Atomic Pro II is available around the £100 GBP mark so seemed like a good place to start.

Gryphon is of course one of the great hockey stick brands and there sticks are generally regarded as hard-hitting beasts. The Chrome Atomic is a cracking looking stick incorporating the super sexy white handles with a shocking green that will strip your eyeballs if looked at too long.

It’s so hard to review Gryphon hockey sticks with the information available online and they seem to bother to provide even less information about the lesser priced models as if £100 was nothing and we should just hand over the cash. Bad Gryphon.

Never the less it would be hard to provide a bad review of Gryphon Chrome Atomic hockey stick. I’ve used another model with the Pro II profile and it lived up to the Gryphon reputation of hard hitting.

To be honest it felt a little less stiff than Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel Pro that I had a whack with, it probably has something to do with the material composition. However it still hit the ball nicely.

The thing I like about the Pro II shape hockey sticks from Gryphon in particular are the smaller heads. The head is a maxi shape but is a little smaller and slimmer than other sticks available and although you have to be quite accurate when hitting the ball it seems to move nicely around the ball when dribbling.

More general to the Pro II shape I can tell you that the curve is 24mm so quite bent and it’s noticeably acute in angle. Some of the information you read says that you get a nice smooth feel to the stick, this wasn’t my impression. Positioned 250mm up from the ground the bow takes a distinct kink out from the stick.

If you are looking for the effect of a low bow the Gryphon Chrome Atomic Pro II really does give that feeling.

Personally for the money the Gryphon Chrome range is a great hockey stick. The looks are fantastic and the small head combined with the lighter feel make for a hockey stick that will suit a good club player who likes to run and dribble the ball.

Backed up by the hitting power it could easily be used by a winger who likes to break forward then deliver a powerful cross or even move inside themselves and take a hit from the top of the D.

There is enough curve in the stick to make it powerful when dragging/pushing passes and give the ball stopping and skill development benefits of the lower bows.

If this is the price range you are looking to spend on a hockey stick then the Gryphon Chrome Atomic with the Pro II shape will be a great investment and good for a once or twice a week club player.

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