Gryphon Diablo CC Review

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4.1/5 on October 12, 2015

User's rating is pleased to review the 2014 model of the Gryphon Diablo CC:

Gryphon hockey sticks usually come up as hard hitter, this review of the Gryphon Diablo CC Classic Curve really tells your whether you can expect that level of power from a lower priced Gryphon hockeystick.

Can you really expect a hockey stick to hit hard when you pay less than $100? Well that’s what we are trying to provide you an answer to with our review of the Gryphon Diablo CC Classic Curve hockey stick.

Let’s run through the key playability’s factors everyone has to consider when buying the best hockey stick for them and see how the Diablo CC stacks up.

How does the Diablo CC perform when making a tackle?

Challenging your opponent head on you can feel comfortable that the Diablo CC is going to feel tough when you make a stand. Then an important thing about the weight is the Diablo Classic Curve is manoeuvrable enough to help you track your opponent on the open then swap to the reverse side quickly.

Once you win the ball can you turn and dribble from danger?

Yes absolutely, the Gryphon Classic Curve is a beautiful shape for dribbling the ball. One of our highest rated hockey stick reviews is for the Gryphon Tour Classic Curve review hockeystick and here in a low priced stick you benefit from this shaft bow.

A 23mm curve at 300mm up from the ground makes the Classic Curve Diablo review perfect for dribbling. Not too bent so you have to adjust your style too much and just the right position to make it easily maneuverable from the open to reverse side to keep control of the ball.

Can I make solid passes with the Gryphon Diablo CC?

In addition to dribbling the Gryphon Classic Curve shape shaft is great for push passes, again the good balance of curve and bow position lets you drag the ball from behind your right foot to produce a powerful push pass.

Perhaps the lower carbon fibre content in the Diablo CC means it’s not as powerful as some high carbon fibre content hockey sticks that we review, if you are looking to significantly improve the power of straight stick passes you may need to spend more money on more carbon fibre.

That said, the Gryphon Diablo Classic Curve does feel more solid than other sticks in the same range and combined with the shaft bow position it makes a great stick for slap hitting for the price.

Will I be able to drag-flick a penalty corner in to the goal?

Gryphon Diablo CC isn’t really designed for drag flicking, you need to review a hockeystick with a lower shaft bow position to be able to drag-flick like the international stars you might see on you tube.

What playing position is the Gryphon Diablo CC best suited to?

Because the Classic Curve shaft is designed to dribble with, and the benefit of the bow position being slightly higher and therefore not causing the ball to pop in the air on slap passes, the Gryphon Diablo CC would really suit a full back or winger.

I can see you defending or attacking the flanks with this great hockey stick from Gryphon.

Summary review of the Gryphon Diablo CC hockey stick.

The Diablo CC from Gryphon is not top of the range, it doesn’t pretend to be at the price. However do you really need to spend $200/$300 dollars to get a good hockey stick?

Protected for the long term with aramid reinforcement, having Gryphon’s high quality features that help hit the ball hard and a great looking design…. The Gryphon Diablo Classic Curve brings a fantastically balanced hockey stick available to a good standard player.

This could be a full time stick for a hockey player who likes to dribble or a change for players not interested in low bow shafts.

Certainly value for money I would recommend in this review the Gryphon Diablo CC to anyone looking for a good hockey stick that won’t break the bank.




Shaft bow position: 300mm

  • Curve: 23mm
  • HockeyStick Material: Not publicised by brand, estimate – 30% carbon, 65% fibreglass, 5% aramid
  • Length and weight averages:
    36.5” – 550g +/- 10g
    37.5” – 555g +/- 10g
    38.5” – 565g +/- 10g

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