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If you are a hockey superstar or you want to be then maybe a Gryphon hockey stick is for you. One of the key brands in the hockey scene Gryphon manufacture fantastic sticks and the range is huge so check out our reviews to find a Gryphon stick for you.

This page is dedicated to our reviews of Gryphon hockey sticks.

Claiming to be one of the hardest hitting hockey sticks on the market Gryphon are serious about hockey and we are serious about bringing the reviews of their hockey sticks to you, click on one of the sticks below for our hockey review:

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So what’s in this claim by Gryphon that they make the hardest hitting sticks in the hockey market? Well some fantastic hockey stick materials in Gryphon’s range certainly helps.

You should know that the compositions of hockey stick materials make a significant difference to performance and Gryphon choose some great materials for their sticks. Since their inception it’s been Gryphon goal in the hockey world to develop great sticks, particularly focusing on, but not exclusively the materials used.

Look out in our Gryphon hockey stick reviews for the sticks that use the “Silicon Sleeve” technology if you like a stiff stick.

Of course it’s not just about hockey stick materials and Gryphon hockey sticks don’t fall short of complimentary technology to make great hockey sticks. Gryphon have always focused purely on hockey and have decided to go all out on specifically enhancing the Gryphon hockey sticks for what they, and the players they work with consider the most important factors in hockey sticks that make them great to play with.

Gryphon hockey sticks are used by players of all levels across the world and you will definitely see them either somewhere in your club or almost certainly when you watch the international players in world cups or the Olympics.

Normally at the top end of pricing Gryphon hockey sticks are supported with great features for the advanced player but don’t let this be the only deciding factor in choosing a Gryphon hockey stick as you can buy smart if you don’t consider yourself “advanced” and benefit from many years of advancements by buying Gryphon hockey sticks across their range to suit your budget or as we like to promote finding previous years models which are still great, just cheaper.

There is of course a full range of hockey stick lengths available from Gryphon and you can choose a stick from the Gryphon range to suit you height and playing style using this measure.

They also as you would expect offer a range of hockey stick weights and you will read in our reviews how the choice of materials and in particular how Gryphon like to add hockey stick materials together to make a more solid stick effect the weight guide of the Gryphon hockey sticks.

I’ll come back to technology soon and give an overview of the great and vast range of shapes of Gryphon hockey sticks, after I talk quickly about the design. Buying a Gryphon stick in its self is pretty cool and most of the Gryphon design focuses on using the cool name as the base for the design of the stick.

If style is your thing a cool thing about Gryphon hockey sticks is the bright, unusual colours available across the range. Black, blue (standard) are available but you might want to standout on the hockey field with exciting colours like Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow which add to the prestige of carrying a Gryphon hockey stick in to battle by dazzling your opponents.

Then with the added trend of a cool logo, normally the classic G formed like a curling Gryphon and often dropped subtlety on to the head of the stick, I find the Gryphon hockey stick design exciting and really cool.

Will the design of the Gryphon hockey stick improve how you carry and hit the ball, maybe not directly but I for one am a great believer in psychology behind playing sport and if carrying a stick makes you feel good and draws attention, perhaps it will put you in a flow zone for a great game. More likely to have a direct effect on your game is the amazing Gryphon technology and in particular the range of curve options in Gryphon hockey sticks.

At last count on the Gryphon website you can choose 10 hockey stick shapes, each with differing degrees and positions of the hockey stick curve or hockey stick shaft bow which can assist you in difference positions to home in on skills like controlling the ball, making super hard passes with flicks or drag flicking penalty corners through the rush of defenders.

This range of hockey stick shapes can be overwhelming to the untrained eye but hopefully with help from this site you can start to understand what positive effect these features can have on your game and the range of Gryphon hockey sticks available can give you great options to home your skills in a particular area.

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