Gryphon Tour Pink model review

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0/5 on February 20, 2017

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What is the most pink hockey stick on the market? Well for you elite players for whom pink is an absolute must, you can not get much pinker that the Gryphon Tour Pink model of sticks.

In many other brands you only get one choice of pink stick, however Gryphon have gone to town with the colour, releasing 4 different top of the range shapes for the 2016 / 2017 season.

What is common between each of the pink Gryphon Tour hockey sticks is they are very high carbon content. Gryphon don’t officially publish their material compositions but having slapped a ball around with one of these, and seeing the price, you can be sure this is 90 – 95% carbon topped up with Kevlar to reinforce impact areas.

The sticks are, as you would expect if you know anything about Gryphon Tour sticks, super solid and produce one hell of a hit. Pink may be pretty, the force behind a top D smash at goal isn’t going to be for the keeper.

So why make such a big deal out of pink sticks? Well why make so many black ones, pink is a popular colour and just because you like it, doesn’t mean you can’t be tough as old boots on the field.

We don’t need to review much about the Gryphon Tour range in general. These sticks are used by Olympians and World Champions all over the globe, with the biggest selling point being power.

What I love about the way Gryphon have gone about flooding the pink market with these 4 sticks from the Tour range is the shaft shape choice.

Amazing shapes suit all players, with the Pink Tour being available with the Pro, T-Bone, Deuce II and the drag-flick specialist Samurai all featuring. A team can now truly unleash pink peril from any position on the field.

Deuce II (or D2) and the Samurai shapes are ultra low bow, 200mm up from the head with the Samurai featuring a groove for extra drag flick control.

Gryphon Tour Pink Pro model is a shape commonly used by skilful midfielders, with the bow starting 250mm up from the floor.

The T-Bone is a bit of a novelty, half way between the DII and Pro shapes, it’s low and the bend is an extreme kink in the shaft for the ultimate 3D work.

So, pink power to the top end sticks goes to an old favourite, the Gryphon Pro Pink edition is a top draw range of pink hockey sticks for all you 1st teamers who wouldn’t be seen dead in pink.