How to choose the best Osaka hockey stick in 2016

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MAY 2017 – There is a new range of Osaka sticks for the 2017/2018 season, check them out by clicking on this sentence 🙂

Osaka are a super cool hockey stick brand, with a distinct logo including Japanese characters which look awesome on the pitch. Buy in to this brand and you will be using a similar stick to many Pro players, including many of the amazing Belgian men’s hockey team.

Buying Osaka hockey sticks online is easy, with stockists all over the world now. Here we help you understand the Osaka Hockey stick range to help you buy online with a complete overview of the current composite outdoor range for the 2016 / 2017 season

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Osaka Hockey stick shaft shapes 

The Osaka hockey stick range features 5 different shapes of shaft with bows in 3 different positions, choose the best for your style of play.

Osaka Proto Bow – 24mm curve at 200mm up from the heel

Osaka Low Bow – 24mm curve at 200mm up from the heel

Osaka Pro Groove – 24mm curve at 250mm up from the heel and features a drag-flick / dribble control groove in the head and lowest part of the shaft

Osaka Pro Bow – 24mm curve at 250mm up from the heel

Osaka Mid Bow – 24mm curve at 300mm up from the heel


Osaka hockey stick range differentiators and material compositions

Many Osaka hockey sticks you buy will have the best unique features and designs, they are generally grouped in to these 6 ranges with different shaft shapes in each.

Osaka Pro Tour range – This is Osaka’s top of the range sticks, all feature the best 100% carbon

Osaka 5 series range – The Osaka 5series is the second highest specification with 90% carbon fibre with the rest made up of fibreglass and aramid

Osaka 4 series range – Next up is the Osaka 4series range, featuring 80% carbon, 15% fibreglass and 5% aramid best for reinforcing impact areas

Osaka 3 series range – Middle of the range, suitable for many is the 3series with 70% carbon, 25% fibreglass and 5% aramid material composition

Osaka 2 series range – Still great sticks and fairly priced, the 2series has 50% carbon and 50% fibreglass composition of material

Osaka 1 series range – For people starting out or moving to composite, the Osaka 1series is 10% carbon and 90% fibreglass NOTE – all the 1 series sticks feature a much straighter bow, the PTK is only a 17mm bow and it’s 300mm up from the heel

Special edition sticks – Osaka are infamous for releasing special edition, this season if you really want to push the boat out, travel to the Osaka hockey website and buy one of the Custom X sticks, these are top of the range and available in a mix of shapes.


How to choose the best Osaka hockey stick in 2016?

Many people will want to buy an Osaka hockey stick for the design, of course they get the best quality and features with the range.

osaka hockey stick designs

The sticks designs all feature the bright Osaka logo, and they you can choose from a range of different colours, flowers, landscapes and silloet’s to suit your style.

Technically, Osaka hockey sticks have some great features. We love the ‘carbon wrap’ around the series 5, 4 & 3 sticks which give a crisp feel when you strike the ball. Some sticks feature extra reinforcement on the reverse edge to help with power on the backhand hits.

Although it’s white and gets dirty easily, the grip on Osaka sticks is also a pleasure, soft and grippy, I’ve never taped mine as I love the feel.

If you want to buy an Osaka hockey stick we always recommend trying out the stick first. Ideally from a friend who has one as you can use it in more real life situations, failing that in a shop.

Should you be confident in buying hockey sticks online, we suggest the following places to buy Osaka hockey sticks online

Hockey factory shop in the UK sale hockey sticks online to the whole world, click here to link directly to the range of Osaka hockey sticks available.

Osaka hockey also provide the sale of their stick from their own online shop, click here to visit the site.

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