How to choose the best Ritual Hockey stick in 2016

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Ritual focus on quality, the range is small as to allow them to design and make good quality hockey sticks and combine that with their shiny looks and funky colours, you get awesome hockey sticks.

It’s quite easy to get your head round the the Ritual hockey stick range in 2016 and whether you are looking for an absolute top of the range stick seen on the field in the Olympics this year, or a best quality mid-range stick for a decent price, Ritual have got something for you.

Deciding to buy Ritual Hockey stick online in a sale is easy, just as easy as picking from the range which is basically a case of two choices.


Choose the best Ritual hockey stick shape for you:

Ritual Velocity hockey sticks shaft shape – The Ritual Velocity stick is the classic low bow shape, 250mm up from the heel is a 24mm bow.

Ritual Specialist hockey sticks shaft shape – All Rital Specialist sticks are an extreme low bow shape with the 24mm curve at 200mm up from the heel.

Ritual Response hockey sticks shaft shape – Moving up the shaft a little, the Ritual Response hockey sticks are mid-bow with the 24mm curve at 300mm up the shaft from the head.

Ritual Finesse hockey sticks shaft shape – There isn’t much I can fault with Ritual, apart from labelling a stick suitable for women. All sticks and players are the same in my opinion and the fact the Ritual Finesse has a slightly lesser curve of 22mm and is mid-bow at 300mm up is just as suitable for a man as lady.

All Ritual hockey sticks you can buy online have one of the above 4 shapes and fantastic specifications of balance and layup. Read individual reviews for more specific information on other included technology.


Once you’ve got your Ritual shape, choose a Ritual hockey stick material composition:

Even simpler than the 4 models, there’s just 3 different material compositions across all of the Ritual hockey sticks.

Ritual XXX 95 hockey stick – Any of the Ritual ‘95’ sticks are top of the material range, with 95% carbon fibre content and 5% Kevlar aramid for reinforcements

Ritual XXX 75 hockey stick – You guessed it, Ritual ‘75’ sticks are 75% carbon with the rest made from 20% fibreglass and 5% Kevlar aramid, still a great specification for the price

Ritual XXX 45 hockey stick – To suit budget and still provide a great hockey stick, Ritual ‘45’ sticks are made with 45% carbon fibre, 50% fibreglass and 5% Kevlar aramid reinforcements.

I will take a moment to promote Ritual’s material choice, they go to great lengths to explain they use the finest materials from around the world. They source the Carbon from Japan who are highly regarded for this material. It’s near impossible to explain the difference so if you can, try a Ritual hockey stick before buying online, you should notice the difference.


Just one more choice, the revolution.

In 2016 Ritual have launched a brand new top of the range hockey stick. Like Adidas and their Carbonbraid stick, Ritual have developed a new stick using state of the art material manufacturing processes.

More than just the way the carbon is laid, the 2016 Ritual Revolution Velocity hockey stick features aerospace grade foam in the core and is held together by special resin injected with precision accuracy. Good work Ritual, please feel free to send me one for a test drive J


Great places to buy Ritual Hockey sticks online

Ritual sell their sticks direct from their online shop, you’ll not get a sale but if you like buying direct the Ritual website is a good place to start.

Personally I never feel the need to buy direct (you can still register your product for warranty, wherever you’ve bought it) and I like my money too much. If I were in the states or UK I’d buy one from amazon – Buy Ritual hockey sticks on amazon by clicking that link.

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