JDH APX795 standard bow hockey stick review

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4.7/5 on September 25, 2015

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I can tell you fella’s that the JDH APX795 is a beaut (that’s how the aussies would say it?), the pictures don’t do it justice. The black is much sleeker than it looks and the red hockey stick head stands out so well against it’s matte black backdrop.

jdh apx795 best review

For ages I have been waiting to get close enough to any JDH stick to review, then after the summer break, as if by magic, one of the guys at the club strolls in with his new JDH APX795 with a standard bow and I fall in love.

Not with the guy, with the stick. Being a typical guy it was looks first, then I got to (well kind of forced it) have a play and get enough time to review the JDH APX795 for myself.

This beast isn’t cheap, at £250, $325 US, $250 AUS (they like to keep stuff to themselves the aussies J) I first take the looks onboard then think about my pocket and decide to take the view that this stick has to perform.

First thing I notice is the, well the, I can’t quite describe it, the stick isn’t heavy but it feels solid. If you have ever been fortunate enough to buy a German car after only ever having non-german cars, it’s a bit like that.

Unfortunately my friend had already wrapped the handle in some horrific towline grip tape so I didn’t get a feel for the original handle but it was so noticeable that this stick felt solid and balanced, so I’ve no doubt the handle was originally fantastic.

Standard shaft shape supreme

Like me, my friend enjoys a higher bow and the JDH APX795 and this “standard bow” from JDH on the APX795 is one of the nicest curves I have ever written a review about.

Similar to the Gryphon Classic Curve, the JDH APX795 standard bow is a nice smooth curve right from the top of the handle to the toe of the head. When I read the specs it says the standard stuff, 22mm curve at 300mm up, in real life it feels more bowed that than, in a good way.

If pushed, I would have to say the smooth obvious but not over the top curve of the standard bow shaft on the APX795 was probably the best feature.

Beautifully balanced for brilliant ball control

However I would closely follow the bow review with the way the stick balances. This is where the feel of precision engineering comes in. Holding the JDH APX795 standard bow, with my right hand in a normal playing position, it seemed to just hang there as if it were an extension of my hand.

This amazing balance point is so important to the way the JDH APX795 feels that I couldn’t possibly not include a mention in my review. A balance point is hard to describe, I suggest if you can to get your hands on a APX795 and you will know exactly where I am coming from.

Though it feels study, the JDH APX795 is also nimble. Moving it quickly back and forth while dribbling the hockey stick makes you feel in control of the ball. It dances from the open to reverse position with ease while maintaining poise at all times.

Packed with power for hitting

What really comes through from the APX795’s sturdiness for this review is hitting power. This great balance of lightness with power means you can swing the stick fast and when it connects with the ball, boy it clips it hard.

Obviously with a straighter longer bow you loose some of the slingshot power that a lower more extreme curve will give and the JDH APX795 makes up for this in buckets with downright pure power.

I only really got to slap pass the ball and not take any golf swing style shots on goal (Simon was watching me to closely) but I have no doubt the hitting power would continue with an upright stick.

Reverse side stuff was also supreme. This is by far the worst part of my game and I could see it improving my disappointing reverse side taps considerably.

Is there a downside to the JDH APX795?

As you can tell I quite like the APX795, the others I write these reviews with always challenge each other to find something that could be improved about a stick.

Really I struggle to find anything I can offer as a recommendation for improvement in the APX795 standard bow. Obviously it is a huge investment to spend that much money on a hockey stick, I would like new entry brands (JDH has been about a few years now) to get themselves in the market a bit smoother with cheaper entry points to their elite sticks.

Overall this hockey stick is getting a massive review rating from me. The feel, the power, the subtle but useful shaft curve is exactly what I need from a stick. Dear Jamie Dwyer, I would be happy to take one of these sticks off your hands for a 2 year trial for free!




  • Red, it’s red for standard bow JDH APX795 sticks,
  • If you are going to make this investment, go long, you should be able to get up to 38.5” version of this stick
  • There hasn’t been huge changes in the annual models, if you want in to the JDH APX795 but can’t stretch to + 200 cash, try and get a deal on an older model
  • WATCH OUT: We can only link to one specific length in Amazon so make sure you surf around and get the right length


Material: Not official as they don’t say, I am putting it 90% carbon with 10% Kevlar in the head

Shaft bow position: Officially – 300mm though long and smooth

Curve: 22mm

Cool tech: Nano resin


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