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Though a new comer to the market JDH hockey sticks are fantastic with the pedigree of a great hockey player behind them.

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JDH hockey sticks are designed with technology in mind, player technology. The JDH hockey stick range makes some bold choices with regards to balance point and curve position, so read the review of JDH hockey sticks carefully to understand how this might effect your field hockey game:

JDH APX795 standard bow hockey stick review

Most hockey stick brands top of the range sticks have an hockey stick curve that exploits the upper limit of the allowed 25mm hockey stick shaft bow as dictated by the international regulating body.

You will find that JDH hockey sticks have a lesser bow at just 22mm and then add an additional feature to the head of some of the sticks to give that extra scoop feeling that we get with modern hockey sticks.

Its an interesting move and you feel that with Jamie Dwyer dictating the JDH hockey stick range’s design he must have his reasons, who can question the methods of a 5 times international players of the year? Check out his skills:

How this will effect your game is that the JDH hockey sticks with this feature will have a more traditional straight feel to them. If you spent time adjusting to a low extreme bow you will have to work back on this straighter feel. You can find more information on each of the JDH hockey stick curves in the reviews.

Another notable technical feature of the JDH hockey stick range is the available choice of hockey stick lengths which come as standard up to 38.5 inches. Based again on experience and knowing in detail the preference of leading international players JDH hockey sticks encourage players to use a longer hockey stick.

With regards to hockey stick materials JDH hockey sticks, as you would imagine, focus on some innovative compositions. Some of the JDH hockey stick range use additional nano-fibres in the resin that fills the core of the stick. This is designed to add stiffness to the JDH hockey stick for maximum power.

To maintain feel on the ball some of these stiffer JDH hockey sticks also incorporate a gel which added to a very stiff core allow for a soft feel to the hockey sticks particularly good when receiving the ball at speed.

There is no doubt that JDH hockey sticks are being designed to be the hockey players friend, with new features of technology added to assist hockey players to get better all the time. It’s really interesting to see a new hockey stick brand evolve and we expect great things from JDH hockey sticks.

JDH hockey sticks are becoming more and more available throughout the world and as distribution ramps up we can expect to see more and more hockey sticks with the JDH branding on field hockey pitches everywhere. They are already being talked about as good alternatives to the traditional leading hockey sticks on the international field hockey circuit like adidas hockey sticks, Grays hockey sticks, TK hockey sticks and Gryphon hockey sticks.

I love a bit of self-confidence and Jamie Dwyer has loads and this is carried through to the design of the JDH hockey sticks which are obvious which brand they are with the very prominent bold JDH on the stick. If you like to show which hockey stick brand you are carrying out on the field of battle then a JDH hockey stick will certainly help you achieve that.

jdh hockey stick info

The rest of the design in our opinion is surprisingly subtle. Bold but not over conspicuous colors are used. Lots of black is used in the JDH hockey sticks which is not only a classic color in its self but helps the other colors stand out nicely.

We love the contrasting hockey stick head colour in some of the JDH range which often matches the H in the JDH brand name. The logo also features a hockey player sillowete that remind me a little of the Nike Air Jordan logo (remember that anyone) but obviously carrying a stick not shooting a basket. It’s like Michael Jordan has seen the error of his ways and take up a proper sport.

Overall choosing a JDH hockey stick would be a great move for anyone serious about the sport. If you are looking for options then you might not yet get the 20 or 30 choices you can with some hockey stick brands. If you know what you want and you are prepared to trust in an experienced players views then you will be very happy purchasing a JDH hockey stick.

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