Kookaburra Clone Hockey Stick 2017 review

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3/5 on February 28, 2018

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I got to have a little knock around with the Kookaburra Clone hockey stick for my review and was really pleased with how this low cost hockey stick performs.

What I love about Kookaburra is they produce a number of good quality hockey sticks, like the Clone, in the middle of the available prices of hockey sticks, which can be super expensive if you are just playing once a week in a short season.

No outstanding credit card bill for the Kookaburra Clone in this review, during the 2017 to 2018 hockey season this Clone hockey stick is available for around £50, which is a cheap investment for school, uni or club players who are getting to play or train on a weekly basis.

Subtle bend for a straight feeling stick With a fairly shallow bow of just 23mm, the Kookaburra Clone 2017/18 hockey stick is just a subtle bow which is easy to handle and comfortable to play with.

It’s bow is really nice and high on the shaft, leaving a long straight lower section which is great for sweep passes and hits. You can miss the head by a few inches and won’t get the ball darting off all over the pitch because of an out of place bow.

There is also a feature called Dual Core, which is about the construction inside the shaft, basically adding extra strength which does help get extra power through your hits.

Is the Kookaburra Clone nice to play with?

This Kookaburra Clone hockey stick is all about a nice soft touch of the ball, when dribbling, controlling in coming passes and passing back out to your team mates.

With a mainly fibreglass construction you don’t get the big vibrations of a carbon fibre stick so it feels almost soft on the ball. Obviously with a low carbon content the Kookaburra Clone isn’t massively powerful, if you are a big slog player you will probably want to think of buying a higher carbon content hockey stick, however for most players this is going to be fine.

Made to last

Also enjoyable about the Kookaburra Clone is that it is pretty good quality for the price. Once again, if you are playing at a high pace, hitting hard and making lots of strong tackles it’s not going to survive very long.

For most friendly hockey players though, the Kookaburra Clone will be a good stick that can last you a couple of seasons for sure. Perhaps you might want to re-wrap the grip after a while but its pretty good really.

Summary review of the Kookaburra Clone 2017 Hockey sticks

Kookaburra are the best brand on the market for good value hockey sticks, and as a midbow hockey stick the Clone is a great choice. You could buy one if you are getting in to hockey for the first time, if you love training to keep fit and play a few games here and there. Or it would be a good value way of trying this shape of Kookaburra stick before spending tonnes on a top end version.

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