Kookaburra FUSE Lbow review

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3.7/5 on December 1, 2015

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If you want to go low, the Kookaburra Fuse hockey stick is a great way to move in to the extreme low bow territory, with Kookaburra’s Obscene 2 shaft shape this is one of the lowest bow hockey sticks to review.

This Kookaburra Fuse from the 2015 range of hockey sticks has a distinct, extreme 24.5mm curve placed just 210mm up from the heel of the head. The position and curve on the Fuse makes it almost like a scoop at the bottom.

With this shape of stick you can get used to some elite skills, picking the ball up gently over defenders sticks in a dribble is a doddle, so is lifting the ball for long areal passed. A very similar profile to many elite attackers hockey sticks, using the Kookaburra Fuse will also allow you to advance your drag-flicking skills.

Challenging for all players to perfect, when bringing the ball quickly from behind at pace an extreme low bow like that of the Fuse will help get lift on the ball to complete the perfect drag-flick.

Such a low bow can also help when stopping and trapping the ball, particularly with a straight bat. Moving yourself in to a crowded area restricts the angle at which you can receive the ball, taking an incoming pass with the Kookaburra Fuse, the Obscene 2 shape will stop the ball rising far up the shaft and allow you to bring it under control faster.

Beware though, if you are moving to a low bow stick for the first time you will definitely need to take a little time to adjust to hitting with the Kookaburra Fuse hockey stick. This stick is so low you might find the ball lifting more often when you hit it, particularly when hitting hard.

It doesn’t take long to adjust and when you do the benefits should outweigh the pain of changing your style.

Something I really like to review about the Kookaburra Fuse is the use of the top of the range Pro-Gel grip. Kookaburra have made a great grip here, I find it very tacky so you can hang on to it nicely and slightly cushioned to remove vibrations without being too soft.

For a hockey stick priced as it is the Fuse has some of Kookaburra’s great technology features. The reinforced reverse edge is really great on Kookaburra hockey sticks and will help make a more solid connection with passes on that side.

It would be great if next years model moves to the 3-Core system to further increase the rigidity and power in the Fuse, the Dual core is still better than most and is plenty powerful enough for most.

Designed with a stylish purple look and the awesome green stripes in the face, the Fuse is a good looking and good specification hockey stick considering it’s price and highly recommended for anyone looking to get in to the extreme low bow hockey stick market.



  • Material Composition: 85% carbon / 15% fibreglass
  • Shaft bow:5mm curve at 210mm up from shaft
  • Head shape: Kookaburra Euro Maxi
  • Technology: DUAL-Core, Reinforced Reverse Edge, KCF, SFR

Check our dedicated page on Kookaburra hockey stick technology for more information on what all these acronyms mean.

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