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Kookaburra hockey sticks come with a great, long history in the game. Known by most as a brand linked closely with the Australian hockey giants, Kookaburra sticks are used commonly around the world.

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This page is dedicated to our review of Kookaburra hockey sticks.

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Kookaburra sticks in my mind are won of the original cool brands of hockey stick making. Not only because its my current hockey stick choice but as they are so well connected with the Australian team and their coolness, I mean they don’t have any sleeves on their shirts.

kookaburra team

Hockey sticks from Kookaburra carry on the coolness in the designs. The distinctive Kookaburra is prominent on almost all of the sticks that are pretty cool looking its self. Take then the long white extending handles on the Team ignite, team dragon and team phoenix sticks and you have something that looks really cool.

The Kookaburra hockey stick range is not as wide as some, which might be a good thing as it makes it easier to see what the key differences with technology are.

First notable technology related difference between the ranges of sticks from Kookaburra is the mix for materials. Personally I find the informative way Kookaburra display their composite materials very easy to understand. Almost all of the hockey sticks are carbon fibre and fibreglass mix and they display very clearly what the percentage is. If you haven’t read the hockey stick material page yet take a look. In a nutshell the more carbon fibre over fibreglass the stronger the stick will feel and harder it will hit the ball, of course this comes with a price tag to suit the more expensive carbon.

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The thing I like about the material mix in the Kookaburra range of hockey sticks is that they scale up the mix in easy to follow 10% brackets so you know exactly what you are getting in each sticks material composition.

Composite sticks are obviously quite standard now across all hockey stick brands, so is offering a range of hockey stick lengths and hockey stick weights for which Kookaburra do not disappoint in offering the full range of these factors in their on-the-shelf hockey sticks.

Another fantastic thing about Kookaburra hockey sticks is the choice of hockey stick curves in the shaft of the stick. Like Grays hockey sticks I have found that Kookaburra hockey sticks offer not only a different position of the curve in the hockey stick, offering players the ability to play with a stick that has more or less bow to suit their game but also Kookaburra offer hockey sticks have differing degrees of curve or bow which in turn provide more of a slingshot effect when drag passing or in drag shots.

They also have some great features for shock absorbing given by the addition of specialist material in the core of the hockey sticks in some of the Kookaburra range. Normally you will find these features with improve the more you spend and of course you will find that kind of detail in each of our specific reviews.

As well as their history, Kookaburra of course have a big future in the development of hockey sticks with leading players across the world choosing their equipment. Like all the major hockey stick brands they are absolutely committed to ongoing development of their hockey stick technology.

And if they continue to develop and produce more classic features like the technology behind the Kookaburra skill zone within the head of hockey sticks they are, as much as ever a great option for your next purchase.

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And please, this site is written by the people for the people due to the seeming lack of an impartial review site for hockey sticks, so if you have had a Kookaburra hockey stick and can share your experiences please add comments under the stick reviews or contact us to post your own review.

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