Kookaburra REBUKE MBow 2 review

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3.8/5 on December 1, 2015

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Rebuke your oppositions attacks and give yourself enough control and power to turn your defensive actions in to great forward field hockey play.

Kookaburra Rebuke hockey stick review is about how great this hockey stick is for defence, by either an out and out defender or a defensive midfielder on the hockey field. A strong stick, with a great balance and excellent features to help hit the ball, the Kookaburra Rebuke suits defenders perfectly.

Let’s first review what makes the Kookaburra Rebuke strong.  Yes it has a high carbon fibre content at 80% which makes the stick strong, however 2 other features really aid the composite material to add strength.

DUAL-Core technology means the inner hollow of the stick is separated by carbon, this adds strength and rigidity to the hockey stick stopping it flex and bend as much on impact. If you want to make a strong tackle this will help.

PC2 or Precision engineered channels is an indented ridge that runs from the bottom of the shaft through the back of the head of the Kookaburra Rebuke. This ridge slightly increases surface area, an increased surface are means more material and therefore more power where the hockey stick needs it most.

With this extra power the field hockey stick will stay stronger when you make a tackle and when you then need to hit to clear the ball up field.

Talking about hitting, it’s important to review what the Kookaburra Rebuke has to help pass with the reverse of the stick. Two features are designed to help put power and accuracy in to this area of your game.

Reinforced Edge means that Kookaburra have added material density around the reverse edge of the Rebuke field hockey stick, quite standard now on many composite hockey sticks and useful never the less.

By far the coolest of the two features to help reverse passes is the PE or Precision Edge. Kookaburra have made the reverse edge flatter on the Rebuke, the flatter edge increases the surface area giving you more chance of hitting your pass cleaner and more accurately.

When reviewing any Kookaburra M-Bow hockey stick we can’t leave without a review of the shaft bow shape. The 2015 version of the Kookaburra Rebuke features the fantastic M-Bow 2 shape shaft, which is unlike many other brand’s shapes.

This year Kookaburra have significantly raised the curve up the shaft of the M-Bow 2 shape to 380mm from the heel. This gives much more straight stick area below the curve that I find fantastic for slap passes.

The curve is still significant, exploiting the FIH’s regulation by having a 24.5mm curve and because of the position this gives a great bowed feel right along the stick. We also think this higher curve makes for a great balance point for dribbling.

To summarise this review, the Kookaburra Rebuke is a fantastic defender’s hockey stick for the vast majority of players. You get real power and control for tackling, creating yourself some space on the field and then feeding the ball up-field for your team.

This is also a great option for tall players, in most markets you can get a 38.5″ version.


  • Material Composition: 80% carbon / 20% fibreglass
  • Shaft bow:5mm curve at 380mm up from shaft
  • Head shape: Kookaburra Maxi
  • Technology: DUAL-Core, Reinforced Reverse Edge, Precision Edge, KCF, SFR

Check our dedicated page on Kookaburra hockey stick technology for more information on what all these acronyms mean.

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