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malik hockey info

If there were a cool wall for hockey sticks Malik would be up the top. Sharp designs, interesting colors, great sticks and fantastic technology take Malik hockey sticks up there with the best.

NEW: We now have a great overview of the full Malik hockey stick range so you choose the best stick.

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I say cool, you might think whacky, you definitely might think whacky if you visit the Malik website, then you might play their hockey game and quite enjoy it. Good on the players who have let themselves be caricatured for the website.

Though it’s a cool website, in its own little way, none of the Malik own information lets me provide a great overview of technology available in the Malik hockey sticks.

Actually if you dig enough you will find it and that’s the main reason I setup this site, to try and bring lots of information together in one place.

Lucky the sticks from Malik are actually more revealing than the websites, they do at least reveal the technology on the back of the shaft. Here you can find information on key technology including the hockey stick material composition of the stick.

Malik actually use great materials in the manufacturing of their hockey sticks. Carbon dominates and Malik hockey sticks use a simple percentage measure so you can understand what level of carbon is included in the stick. Like the best sticks Malik also add an aramid for extra durability in to the majority of the hockey sticks.

Their hockey sticks also feature options for hockey stick shaft bow to suit different players. Where you see a range of options in most brands Malik have their own way of doing things generalizing to a dribble curve of aero curve to describe the type of curve in the Malik hockey stick shaft.

As you would expect these descriptions they represent less degree or higher position of the curve in the shaft of the stick and I make a point of explaining exactly the extent and position of that curve in the Malik hockey stick reviews product by product.

malik hockey

One feature that is important to highlight is the square edge profile available in the relevant range of Malik hockey sticks. This is a feature that is added to some sticks, notably I’ve seen it in the Ritual hockey stick range, which is designed to give additional hitting power by changing the shape of the hockey stick edge.

So aside from the lack of description we can gather that Malik hockey sticks include the latest and greatest technology and don’t doubt their commitment to that.

What is obvious is their design. Malik hockey sticks much like Voodoo hockey sticks are up there on the crazy scale when it come to the style of their hockey sticks. They promote a brand that is “different” from the rest and the range of colors is just the start.

Malik brand name looks pretty cool plastered in contrasting colors on the hockey stick. Chuck in the odd misplaced, misaligned letter in to that name and its eye catching to say the leased. Looks fantastic on all the Malik hockey sticks and you will certainly be making a statement carrying one of these sticks on to the hockey field.

Maybe I was unfortunately born in the wrong place and should have come out in Essex and that’s why I have a thing for bright white, which draws me to the grips on the Malik hockey sticks. Personally I love the clean (when new at least) contrast of a white handle on a colorful hockey stick and most of the Malik range has this beautiful white handle that really finishes the design nicely.

Overall I recommend reading the reviews carefully if you are a techno head about your hockey sticks and the look at the pictures if you just like pretty ones.

Malik has a lot to offer and a great range to include those of us who don’t want to spend a fortune and those of use who want to take a great piece of equipment out to play.

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