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mercian hockey info

Welcome to the page containing our Mercian hockey stick reviews. Mercian don’t shout as much as some about their hockey sticks, but I wager you won’t hit a hockey field and not see one.

Mercian hockey sticks are from one of our pure hockey stick brands and the sticks are exceptional quality, design and packed with game improving technology.

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Mercian are a very English hockey stick manufacturer, in their origin, do not be fooled though they are truly a global brand and Mercian have reach in to every hockey playing nation of the world.

Built by hockey people, for hockey players, Mercian hockey sticks always lead the way in the development of fantastic hockey sticks for a full range of players.

At the head of the company stands a goalkeeper, in Mercian hockey sticks lies fantastic technology to suit the requirement of any budding and already advanced hockey player style in any hockey playing position.

In the hockey stick weight technology Mercian make sticks that in 2014 claim to be some of the lightest in the market while maintaining absolute rigidity and without loosing any hitting power from the stick. A tall claim but with their pedigree in development Mercian source materials from the UK and Europe brought together under the Mercian hockey stick designs to make exception quality sticks.

Instead of unbranded aramids often not specified by other hockey stick brands, Mercian are proud to publicizes the use of Kevlar in their hockey sticks. This hockey stick material as we would all imagine add’s a flexible toughness, which makes for a stronger feeling stick.

Something fairly unique about composite Mercian hockey sticks is that some models include basalt in their manufacturing process. Check our hockey stick material page for more information but basalt fibres are added to some Mercian hockey sticks to give increased power and durability. Be sure to read the Mercian hockey stick reviews in detail of you wish to benefit from this rock hard substance and maintain a light hockey stick.

In fact Mercian provide some excellent information on the material they use in the manufacture of their hockey sticks which makes good reading and to me reassures me that if someone is that concerned that they will put together a document purely on material, they must love making hockey sticks, well done Mercian.

Mercian hockey stick technology isn’t just in the materials used. Mercian offers a full range of hockey stick lengths and weights to suit the needs of most players.

mercian hockey review

One of the standout things I’ve found about Mercian is their simplicity in the hockey stick shaft bow options they have just two in the most recent range of sticks but I actually like Mercian hockey stick for this. When you compare to the hockey stick curve options in the Gryphon hockey stick range for example that has up to 10 different options for shaft curve position and degree in the stick it is a stark difference.

However, this focus on just two shapes of hockey stick shaft bow means that Mercian know what they want to make and concentrate on manufacturing hockey sticks under the Mercian brand that meet their desired outcome. Obviously then Mercian can concentrate on adding different features to their hockey stick range like the addition of basalt in the material composition.

The 2014 range of Mercian hockey sticks two shaft curve is therefore easy to follow with the standard shape exploiting the full 25mm curve allowance in the middle of the shaft and the low bow Mercian shaft coming in at the 20mm curve degree. We highlight more detail on the hockey stick shaft bow in the Mercian hockey stick reviews individually.

The design of Mercian hockey sticks is also very appealing to most. The Mercian logo is an M which is always nicely positioned on the shaft of the hockey stick and looks like a bat, maybe a bat out of hell, warning the opposition of the potential impact of the ball flying at them after the hard hit from the Mercian stick.

Classic colour are common and I love the rich gold colour mixed with black or gold in some of the range. I also enjoy the contrasting head color to the hockey stick shaft in some of the Mercian sticks, which seems to highlight the hitting sweet spot.

Not limited to gold, black and white Mercian can go to town with the vibrant colors we see on the field hockey pitch these days including bright pink, green, orange, purple and yellow in some sticks. Either in the Mercian hockey stick logo or in some crazily awesome rainbow style stripes right down the shaft.

They are also great to hold and some grips on the Mercian hockey sticks are made from nice leather, which feels like you are holding an chamois leather, a nice feature that we also find in some of the great TK hockey sticks range.

Making a choice to buy a Mercian hockey stick is a good one however you want to add to your game, check our reviews carefully to understand each of the sticks in detail and buy smart as always.

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