Osaka 2017 hockey stick range – New bows, new designs

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31 hockey sticks in total make up the new Osaka hockey stick range for the 2017 to 2018 season. Major changes see incredible new styling and new bow shapes.

What I love about Osaka hockey sticks, apart from the fact they look amazing, is they detail they give about their sticks, no smoke and mirrors here.

Here’s the run down of the full 2017 – 2018 stick range from Osaka hockey.


Osaka Hockey shaft shapes for 2017 and 2018

All 2017 Osaka hockey sticks have a 24mm curve in the follow positions and styles.


Show Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

New for the 2017 season is the addition of the Osaka Show Bow Shape. The show bow position is as low as they get, at 200mm up and the difference with this shape is the head is slightly more open, like the Pro Bow.

Low Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

The original low bow from Osaka, it’s a classic low bow position at just 200mm up from the head and a traditional face.

Proto Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

If you prefer a more open faced and really low bow hockey stick then the Proto Bow is for you from Osaka. Only 200mm up, this shape offers a really open face compared to the Low Bow shape.

Pro Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

Favourite shape of many players, Pro Bow is the classic 250mm low bow position, offering a low position without being extreme like the Show, Low and Proto bows above.


Pro Groove Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

Same shape as the Pro Bow and in 2017 Osaka has an option for a stick with a subtle drag flick groove.


Mid Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

Perfect for those defenders out there, or the players who just prefer a straighter lower section of the stick. Osaka Mid Bow hockey sticks have a bow position of 300mm up from the heel.


Standard Bow Osaka Hockey Sticks

Available in some of the 2017 Osaka stick range is the standard bow shape. Much subtler curve of only 17mm and high up the shaft at 300mm, this is a much straighter feeling stick for hockey players who enjoy that position.


Osaka 2017 hockey stick models with material composition

There are several different models in the Osaka Hockey stick range for 2017, apart from the choice of cool designs (which are great this year) the main difference between the models is the material composition.

However, for the first time I’ve ever seen from any brand, they are publishing how many layers of carbon go in to making the sticks. What that means to you and I buying them, I’m not sure, however I appreciate the detail and it goes some way to justifying why the top models are more expensive to buy.


Osaka Pro Tour 2017 model hockey sticks

All the Pro Tour Osaka hockey sticks in 2017 are 98% carbon with 2% aramid for the important reinforcement areas…… this year’s designs are really cool, some don’t have a single splash of green!

22 Layers of Carbon are used to construct these best Osaka hockey sticks available to buy online!

Buy Sticks available with shapes:

Osaka Pro Tour Limited Edition GoldProto Bow Shape

Osaka Pro Tour Limited Edition SilverPro Groove Bow Shape

Osaka Pro Tour Limited Edition BronzeShow Bow Shape

Osaka Pro Tour GoldPro Bow Shape

Osaka Pro Tour SilverMid Bow Shape

Osaka Pro Tour BronzeLow Bow Shape

Personally I think going ‘Gold’ ‘Silver’ ‘Bronze’ is a bit of a risk, who wants Silver or Bronze? You can see though, the only difference is the bow shape.


Osaka Series 5 Razzle Dazzle 2017 model hockey sticks

After the Pro Tour, we are in to Series sticks, all spiced up with a quirky name. The 5 Series is the top of the range of and is available to buy online with a material composition of 90% carbon, 5% fibreglass and 5% aramid (Kevlar) for the reinforcements, great spec.

19 layers of carbon (what’s 3 layers amongst friends hey?), available to buy in 2 sticks:

Osaka 5 series Razzle Dazzle BLUEPro Bow

Osaka 5 series Razzle Dazzle DARK GREYShow Bow


Osaka Series 4 VINTAGE 2017 hockey sticks

The 4 series is available to buy online with 80% carbon, 15% fibreglass with the 5% reinforcements.

16 layer of that beautiful carbon goes in to these Osaka sticks and there are 3 available to buy online:

Osaka 4 series Vintage RACING GREY – Pro Bow

Osaka 4 series Vintage RACING BEIGE – Proto Bow

Osaka 4 series Vintage RACING BLUE – low Bow


Osaka 3 Series PTO 2017 hockey sticks

In 2017 the 3 Series from Osaka available to buy in 3 shapes, all with 70% carbon fibre, 25% fibre glass and 5% Kevlar / aramid reinforcements:

Osaka 3 series PTO Light Grey – Low Bow

Osaka 3 series PTO Medium Grey – Mid Bow

Osaka 3 series PTO Dark Grey – Pro Bow


There are also a range of 2017 Osaka hockey sticks with different specifications. These range from more cost effective to the funky designs.

Also released this year is the ability to custom design your own Osaka Hockey stick, which is very exciting and warrants it’s own article.

See the write up on last years Osaka Hockey stick range to check on the differences.

Go buy one!

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