Osaka 3series PTO Midbow review

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4.9/5 on October 3, 2015

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I am so pleased to review an Osaka stick at last, I’m even more pleased to review this Osaka 3series PTO Midbow because its mine, all mine! I nearly bought the Pro-Tour but I am only playing hockey once a week plus coaching kids for an hour so I can’t really justify spending £200+.

How did I fall for the Osaka 3series PTO Midbow? Well I love watching international hockey and have you seen how many Osaka sticks are on a pitch these days? That made me really want one.

After that absolute snobbery took hold, not for me, for my kid when I needed to buy her a new stick. Completely driven by wanting to show off I bought her a tiny little Osaka junior stick.

Then a combination of the grip and the looks had pretty much made my decision inevitable when I had to get myself a new stick.

I didn’t need a new stick because my old one was broken, I needed more bow because I have always shied away from too bigger curve. I couldn’t quite bring myself to go low bow and this is my first commendation for the Osaka 3series PTO midbow comes in.

The midbow of the 3series Osaka has improved me control the ball

Recently I have been getting to play with a lot of different sticks. I would love a Gryphon Classic Curve but that would have hurt my pocket too much plus most of the good ones are too stiff for me. Or a Grays stick with the Jumbow shaft is also a nice shape but the design doesn’t suit me much.

I have found love with the Midbow Osaka shaft because it is a significant kink in the stick at 300mm up, which pushes me to adjust my style while giving me some of the comfort I get from straighter sticks.

Where this bow has particularly improved my game is bringing balls under control on the reverse side. The Osaka 3series PTO midbow is also so well balanced, I am a bit lazy with getting my right hand low and I can still get a well hit pass under control on the reverse side now.

Less carbon doesn’t mean less power with the Osaka 3series review

To be honest my daughter stick is all fibreglass and a bit light weight, so I was worried that the material composition of 70% fibre might make the 3series PTO a little soft when hitting. Again a great surprise was that the total contrary is true.

When reading more about Osaka before writing this hockey stick review I have found lots of other reports about how well they hit the ball. Of course the describe their carbon as “Japanese Premium quality” but what does that actually mean?

I believe the power the Osaka 3series PTO creates is more about the layup of the material. For those who don’t know layup is the way the materials are layered in to the mold during the manufacture of a hockey stick and Osaka take this very seriously, layering the carbon fibre strands carefully on the outer layers of the stick. This means less carbon doesn’t loose the over all effect of this stiffer material.

Combined with the weight, the carbon layup of the Osaka stick has improved my raw hitting power, particularly with slap hits.

My biggest worry when moving to more curve in the shaft of this Osaka 3series Midbow was that it would take me ages to adjust my dribbling style. How wrong was I! The stick is amazing to dribble with and it instantly made my dribbling better.

An incredible grip makes the Osaka 3series PTO review grips you

I mentioned briefly at the beginning of this review the grip. I’ve never been one for taping up grips, they get too thick for me. The grip on the Osaka 3series PTO is unbelievable.

This grip seems to grip to you rather than you gripping it and make you feel in absolute control of the stick. In bright white it looks incredible too!

A review is supposed to be impartial, provide a range of opinions that help its reader make an informed decision. My review of my Osaka 3series PTO midbow is everything but impartial. This is the best hockey stick I have ever owned and our of about 20 sticks I have written reviews about this stick only comes second to the Gryphon Tour Classic Curve.




Carbon Content – 70% Carbon

Bow – Osaka LowBow 24mm

Max Bowing Point – 300mm

Weight – Super Light

Length – 36.5, 37.5

Grip – Osaka Pro SoftTouch Pearl White

Grip Underlay – Memory Foam Shock Absorbtion

Original Osaka Hologram


  • If you are in the UK, get a friend in Europe to accept delivery for you. You will save money on the EURO exchange rate and maybe go and see some friends.
  • You can not buy this on amazon, most of the leading hockey stick retails online have it.


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