Osaka 5 series hockey sticks 2017 review

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0/5 on March 16, 2018

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Whether you Razzle, or whether you Dazzle, the Osaka 5 series hockey sticks in 2017 is surely going to enhance your play. Osaka may have designed these sticks in the style of War ships but we’ve spotted them and bring you a review of the choice between the two available models.

Osaka Razzle Dazzle Design

In addition to Osaka making top quality hockey sticks, you cannot ignore their design and style, this is probably nowhere more evident in the review of the 2017 Series 5 Osaka hockey sticks.

This season’s Osaka Series 5 hockey sticks are called Razzle Dazzle because the styling follows a theme of similar camouflage that was painted on warships to hide them in the seas.

There is no hiding these designs though, the ‘Razzle Dazzle’ series 5 Osaka hockey sticks are phenomenal looking pieces of art. Super slick matte blacks with standout glossy silver or blue detail looks really really trendy.

All pants and no trousers?

While the design of the Razzle Dazzle Series 5 Osaka hockey sticks is amazing, like a pair of sexy pants, it’s the trousers that do the business on the field and the specification of the sticks lives up to the style.

90% carbon gives the series 5 power, a 5% touch of fibreglass makes them full of control and finish the material composition with aramid makes reverse edge hits powerful and the sticks longer lasting.

If you have never played with an Osaka stick before you may not have appreciated the significance of their carbon sleeve. Making sure this outer layer of the stick is carbon gives a real click off the ball, great for deflections and slaps.

Top end features complete the review of the Osaka 5 series hockey sticks, great open head angle, grooves in the head, rough feel face to grip the ball, all as you would expect from a top end hockey stick.

If anything could be better the grip is a bit ‘standard’, not bad, and I’ve had mine for 5 months now and it’s vibrating quite a bit, maybe I’m just feeling it more as it’s so cold. The vibrations aren’t having an effect on power, just hurting my hands.

What shapes are available in for the Osaka Razzle Dazzle?

There are two models of Osaka 5 series stick in 2017, a low bow at 250mm up from the head and an extra low bow at just 200mm up.

Right at the lowest possible bow position the Showbow really lives up to its name. This is the grey/silver version of the Osaka Series 5 and the bow is really low. What I like about it is despite its position, the shaft seems to smoothly turn out for a great combination of scooping up the ball and controlling it when running freely.

On the blue model Razzle Dazzle the Probow is a more classic lowbow shape. Its low enough to get under the ball for 3D stuff and high enough to support a great range of hits of the ball.

Summary review of the Osaka Series 5 hockey sticks

If you like the Osaka brand design, these two sticks will Razzle Dazzle your eyes. They look amazing. They are far from just about the design though, the sticks specification and bow options are awesome, these truly are top of the range club players hockey sticks.

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