Review of Kookaburra 2017 to 2018 season hockey sticks

Kookaburra hockey information

Another year and another set of advancements to review from Kookaburra and their outdoor hockey stick range for the 2017 to 2018 hockey season.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Kookaburra, my first stick was Kookaburra and I loved it. Then I had a bit of a midlife crisis and went for more stylish models as some of the Kookaburra hockey sticks were a bit frumpish…… could that all be changing with this review of the new range?

We all know (well I do) looks aren’t everything, so lets start this review by looking at the new technology from Kookaburra hockey sticks this season.


Has the Kookaburra got its ‘groove’ back in 2017?

You said you weren’t going to talk style first! – Not that type of groove silly.

Drag-flick grooves are all the rage at the moment in hockey sticks. Kookaburra was one of the first to put a groove in their hockey sticks with the skill zone. This year Osaka, Grays, adidas and even TK have released shapes with grooves.

Kookaburra release the ‘Energy Groove” for 2017/18 season

Well I’m pleased to review that the groove is back in Kookaburra hockey sticks for the 2017 to 2018 season.

Called the ‘Energy Groove’ this concave impression in the front of the head is designed to keep ball direction true when it leaves the stick.

Interestingly Kookaburra insist this feature is not only best for drag-flicks and 3D work, they are (and rightly so) saying this groove is interesting to review for improving all parts of your hockey game, including dribbling and push passing.

If it’s a groove you are looking for, you should certainly review these Kookaburra hockey sticks, the groove is as good if not better when matched with other stick features, as the other brands:

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Reverse edge power review Kookaburra 2017 hockey sticks

Personally, having tested out many hockey sticks for reviews in the last few years I’ve found Kookaburra to offer the best focus on helping their sticks improve reverse edge hits and passed.

Previous reviews have focused on the ‘Reinforced Edge’ and ‘Precision Edge’ features of Kookaburra hockey sticks. Well for the 2017 to 2018 range of Kookaburra sticks, the ‘Innegra Edge’ is an enhancement to this function.

Just for clarity, the Precision edge stays on some models, the Precision Edge is a great feature making the reverse edge flatter and slightly wider than hockey sticks without. A flat, wide reverse edge doesn’t need a review for most hockey players to understand the benefit.

Kookaburra’s new reverse edge reinforcement

Reviews of the 2017 addition to the Kookaburra range, the ‘Innegra Edge’ really focus on the difference between it and the previous ‘Reinforced Edge’. Most brands who focus on this area of the hockey stick add reinforcement to that area with Aramid (the material in Kevlar bullet proof vests), the new ‘Innegra Edge’ is a carbon fibre reinforcement.

The material choice should do the job to make the edge stronger, with the benefit of being lighter than aramid. However will it last? That I’m interested to review when I get my hands on one of these Kookaburra 2017 hockey sticks that have the Innegra Edge.

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How to choose the best Kookaburra 2017 to 2018 season hockey stick

Kookaburra have another really large range for the 2017 to 2018 season. The sticks are broken down in to 4 main groups of sticks and looking at them this way makes it easiest for you to choose your best Kookaburra hockey stick.

Kookaburra TEAM hockey stick are the top of the range models. They all have 95% or more Carbon fibre content and are stacked with features, more than we’ve described above.

These Kookaburra TEAM hockey stick are available in a range of shapes, what we like about Kookaburra is they have one of the best hockey stick for defenders, and the TEAM Dragon is my favourite for that.


Kookaburra L-Bow hockey sticks are the next category. These obviously all feature a low bow stick profile, either extreme low at 200mm-225mm or just low bow at 250mm up.

While a couple of the TEAM range have this profile, there are 7 other Kookaburra low bow sticks with varying material compositions and features to suit your needs.


Kookaburra M-Bow hockey sticks are the last grouping. These have mid stick bow profiles, generally making the lower part of the stick straighter, which aids slap passes and ball channelling.

Again this profile is available in a couple of the TEAM range, plus another 9 sticks to choose different features that will suit your game.



Kookaburra are one of the longest established hockey stick brands with a great range of sticks. Some might feel that Kookaburra are best for players wanting mid-bow profiles, however the low bow sticks are also awesome.

2017 and 2018 are a great range of sticks from Kookaburra. Not a lot of changes in the models under the TEAM range, however consistency from a great brand is never a bad thing.

What’s always great about new releases from Kookaburra like this (not too many changes) is you can buy last years models at a great price, you can probably get a 2016/17 TEAM for less than £150 if you shop around.

Buy the new Kookaburra hockey sticks from one of these lovely places 🙂

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