Review the Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme

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5/5 on January 15, 2018

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Is the Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme literally the most awesome hockey stick Grays have released in 2017? Well we had the chance to review this unbelievably cool Grays KN8000 hockey stick and will share the experience in this review.

WOW! That is the end of this review.

Only joking, I couldn’t leave our review of the Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme at that, there’s so much to share about this hockey stick.

What’s the Grays KN range of sticks all about?

Top of the world class sticks available anywhere are the Grays KN range. Super high quality material laid down in the manufacturing process to create a really stiff hit. A crazy balanced feeling of weight distribution and every single piece of more than 100 years worth of technology advances, that’s what the Grays KN range is all about.

Aimed at international level players, the list of top players who use these sticks is longer than it’s worth writing out. As well as the top top players, these sticks would be an incredible enhancement to any regular players game, the Grays KN hockey sticks really are top class.

There are 8 different specification outdoor Grays KN hockey sticks and one indoor stick.

Why choose the KN8000 Probow Xtreme?

Aside from the specification and bow shape (which we’ll go in to below), the KN8000 stands out to me as being good value. It’s a couple of hundred pounds, which is a lot for a hockey stick but considering the quality of this stick, it’s really worth the money.

If you review other brands, you would in my opinion need to buy the top of the range at least fifty pounds more, to get anywhere near the standard of this Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme.

What’s the KN8000 Probow Xtreme like to play with?

Weird is the only way I can review the way that weight is distributed across the KN8000 hockey stick. Judging by dead weight this is not a ‘light’ hockey stick, around 500g for the 37.5inch model. However when you pick it up it feels like something else.

While dribbling the Grays KN8000 is so manoeuvrable I’d need to spend much more time training to keep up with it. The KN8000 Probow extreme can be swung left to right with relative ease and after 60 minutes game play I barely felt like I had been holding a stick.

Uncharacteristically though, when you hit the ball it doesn’t act like a light stick at all. The Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme has got all the power you would expect from more traditional, solid Grays hockey stick. It’s a beast!

How about the shape?

This Probow Xtreme shape is phenomenal, a massive curve really low to the bottom of the shaft that really kinks out away from the rest of the shape.

Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme profile is really open, the head kind of twists inside on itself, opening up the face and combining with the low position of the curve as one of the best shapes I can review for 3D dribbling.

With the inclusion of the concave groove in the lower shaft and face this KN Probow Xtreme is probably the best profile for those with 3D skills that I’ve managed to review.

The 3D groove is obvious yet because of the slightly smaller micro head shape it doesn’t mess up any straight bat hits of the ball by bouncing the ball off in funny directions. It can take a bit of getting used to, however not as much as with other grooved sticks I’ve been able to review.

Summary of the Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme review

This is a phenomenal stick and with the price being more than £100 cheaper than the KN1200, I think the KN8000 Probow Xtreme is probably Grays best stick available to club players.

I can’t write a review properly of how good this stick feels. You need to get your hands on one to experience the balance of weight. Could be with any of the Grays KN sticks really as they all have this feeling.

You would choose the KN8000 Probow Xtreme though for it’s shape, this is the ultimate in 3D enabling hockey stick shapes. If you are a wiz with dribbling, the Grays KN8000 Probow Xtreme is definitely for you.

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