STX Surgeon 600 hockey stick review

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4/5 on March 14, 2017

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We get to review some of the most awesome big brand sticks, STX doesn’t get about as much as it should in the UK and hopefully you’ll consider it a contender next time you look to buy a hockey stick online.

I think I’ve said this in a review before but it’s worth saying again, if you’ve ever held an STX stick you’ll have felt how sturdy they are. With the Surgeon 600 stick you are not going to be carrying out a delicate operation.

These Surgeon 600 sticks are light enough to be nimble, and strong enough to smack the skin off a ball! The high carbon content supports that, with the Surgeon 600 model having 90% carbon, 5% aramid (Kevlar material) and 5% fibreglass.

Sometimes 5% fibreglass puts the material purists off. I just got rid of a 95% carbon stick to go back to a material composition like the STX Surgeon 600, it has just that little bit of feel you need in some slap hits (especially in cold weather).

What’s great to review about some of these top end STX hockey sticks is the grips. They call it ‘Karakal’ grip technology. Normally when we review grips it’s about the material, however the STX Surgeon grip performance is more than just the feeling in your hands.

Whatever the Karakal technology is, it really does seem to reduce vibrations through your hands and arms. This might actually where the overall ‘sturdy’ feeling of the stick comes from. Whatever it is, it’s one of the best I’ve felt for vibration reduction.

Something else that suits me about this STX Surgeon 600 is the bend. Yes it’s a nice big curve, 24mm of it in fact, however the shape is fabulous if you can’t get on with these big extreme kinks in the stick shaft.

The bow is long and consistent right through the lower part of the stick, giving you all the bend you need for 3D work and sending aerials down field, while reacting brilliantly to dribbling quickly through traffic.

Worth a particular note in the review of the STX Surgeon 600 is head. STX sticks i’ve played with before have been a little chunky in the head department, this latest model of the Surgeon 600 seems to have been on a diet. Especially at the toe end of the head. This, for me, made it even more responsive to quick dribbling moves.

So, would you throw away your TK or abolish the Adidas for a STX? The pricing is similar to other top end sticks, however I don’t think the STX Surgeon is very similar. The quality is the same as the best out there, it just offers something a little different because of it’s sturdy feel and slick bend.

If you like to slog, with style, then the beefy STX Surgeon 600 is going to reward you. With the adjustments to the head it’s also going to let you surprise with some silky skills.