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Welcome to our page dedicated to reviewing TK Hockey sticks.

TK hockey have a history in designing and manufacturing sticks of extremely high quality since the 1970’s when Thomas Kille, a German hockey player decided to turn his time and attention to advancing hockey stick technology.

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TK hockey sticks are found around the world, there is particular emphasis in their marketing on the Indian subcontinent and you will find at least 2 or 3 TK hockey sticks on any club pitch during a game in any region of the world.

Normally at the top of the range of hockey sticks TK are renowned for making equipment of the highest quality.

TK hockey has a big range of completely carbon sticks, the top end of which use the not so common hockey stick material called Aramid, which is the material of Kevlar and is extremely tough, light and more expensive than traditional materials in composite hockey sticks like carbon fibre and glass fibre.

The combination of aramid and carbon fibre in the top end of TK hockey sticks makes for an extremely sturdy hockey stick that gives a fantastic feel and hits the ball very hard.

You will also find really nice touches in some of the TK hockey sticks including Italian leather grips on the handles and the TK hockey vacuum guided technology, which fills the core of the stick shaft with foam that adds shock-absorbing features to the sticks.

While we are talking about technology its worth noting that TK hockey sticks are full of fantastic new manufacturing techniques that making the hockey sticks from TK one of the leaders in the field.

Some TK hockey sticks use the hockey stick brands Dynanotex reinforcement manufacturing process that adds toughness to the head and heel of some of the TK hockey stick range. Or nano technology of which TK hockey is one of the leaders, this technology again manipulates carbon fibres during the manufacturing process to add strength to the stick.

Also, and continues to shows how much TK hockey care about technology, it’s worth noting that some hockey sticks from TK will carry their CWT 1 or 2 profile head which is well regarded for its feel and striking power.

You will find again, like in Grays hockey sticks that the hockey stick curve, also known as the shaft bow, will be available in a range of profiles both in extremity and position on the stick. Though I do note that the curve in many TK hockey sticks is usually more using the maximum allowed 25mm hockey stick curve and lower in the stick, explained by TK and the late bow.

As with all of our hockey stick reviews we try to highlight in the review the technologies the leading brands, like TK hockey use in any specific stick you might be reviewing on this site. We also try and explain inline with the hockey stick review exactly what that technology actually does to the hockey stick with regards to increasing its performance for players.

It is worth noting however that to offer a range of sticks to suit the budget of many hockey stick players across the world with a spectrum of different playing styles, playing positions and needs, TK hockey sticks come with a range of different technology and hockey stick materials so be careful to understand more about the effect these features might have on your game.

Of course TK hockey sticks are available in a range of hockey stick lengths and hockey stick weights to suit your needs. It is notable in the TK hockey range of sticks that they offer “off the shelf” (well with a little bit of searching around) hockey sticks up to 39.5 inches in length, which is hard to find in some other brands. If you are tall and you wish to play with a more upright style you may be able to take advantage of TK hockey sticks that are longer, without having to purchase bespoke made sticks.

The elephant used in the design of TK hockey sticks is still prominent in the design of the range of TK hockey stick available in the market today. When I first came back to hockey I had to use some imagination to see them, in the TK hockey stick I was used to years ago the elephants linking trunks was much more obvious. They have gone for a more artistic design now but it still looks cool.

Normally you will find TK hockey sticks are in classy Gold, silver, blue and black colours but some, especially in the new Eco range of TK hockey stick are getting pretty colourful with greens and pinks that we are coming to find more often in the design of hockey sticks on the playing field these days.

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