TK P1 Plus Deluxe Late bow hockey stick 2014/15

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3.5/5 on September 17, 2015

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“Top of the TK hockey stick range the P1 Plus Deluxe

gives you your moneys worth of features and technology and is an awesome stick for the advanced and advancing field hockey player.

The late bow profile of this version of the TK P1 Plus provides an excellent level of control when dribbling the ball. It also works with you easily when lifting the ball in controlled 3D skills to nip over defenders sticks, as well as throwing aerials down field.

The combination of a near pure carbon fibre content (100% listed), a Kevlar toe, the new for the 2014/15 hockey sticks the impressive TK Platinum 1 deluxe hockey sticks Dynatex technology which stiffens and aligns the carbon fiber’s perfectly makes this stick one of the stiffest in the market.

“A combination of technology makes this stick stiff”

And in this top of the range TK hockey stick the new technology is a foam filled core, which as well as adding to the rigidity of the stick gives a dampening effect that will give the stick plenty of feel for controlling the ball.

Available in a light and medium version generally, the light version of the TK P1 Plus deluxe late bow comes in at 560g and the medium at 610g which provide a nice solid weight but might initially feel heavy if you have used a XL weight stick in the past.

There is supposed to be a feature on the head that gives additional grip on the ball but the stick I played with had lost this after about 6 weeks and other reviews I’ve read say the same. My friend who owns the stick claims the head of the stick feels a little “slippery” and he has had to step up his game to get complete control of the ball on sharp turns.

Also worth noting that if you get precious about your paintwork, every TK P1 Plus stick I’ve seen and heard reports of say this chips quite easily. If you like tape round your stick then no problem! This does not effect the playability of the stick, so who really cares?

What the paintwork lacks in durability it makes up for in class. Rich gold colouring of the TK logo including a subtle elephant designed in to the bottom of the letters looks fantastic against the black, carbon showing, background of the shaft.

The handle is a thin but beautiful feeling Italian leather wrap with nice feeling ridges that I found are great to grip on to. It gives a really nice secure feeling in your hands, especially when you are taking advantage of the super hard-hitting power of the TK P1 Plus Deluxe stick.

“You should buy this stick if you are looking for a top of the range hockey stick from one of the most recognized brands on the market. The TK P1 Plus Deluxe is not a cheap stick, though buying it will be a good idea if you are really looking to advance your game.

Particularly if you are a player looking to improve your dribbling skills then the late bow and soft feel will be great for you. If you need to improve the way you receive the ball on to an upright stick the TK P1 Plus Deluxe technology will also help.

Hitting hard is obviously a factor with the high carbon content but it’s not the only thing to consider with this great stick and there are other sticks on the market.

Generally you will be a good to advanced player who is most likely to play as an attacking mid-fielder or forward player who can take advantage of the great features of the TK P1 Plus Deluxe.


  • Materials: Carbon Fibre with Aramid in the Toe. Foam filled core
  • Lengths: Standard at 36.5” (93cm) or 37.5” (95cm) Custom sizes are available but harder to find.
  • Shaft Bow Position: Late Bow
  • Shaft Curve: 25mm
  • Handle: Leather
  • Head shape: Maxi
  • Stick weight: Light 560g and Medium 610g





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