TK Synergy S2 PLUS review

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4.3/5 on August 18, 2016

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In 2016 you can take your low-bow to low bow extreme with a top quality TK hockey stick, the Synergy S2 Plus is the stick for you!

TK’s Late Bow Plus stick bow shape is regarded one of the lowest and most extreme bow shapes on the market and in 2016 TK run this shape in the Synergy S2 Plus making it very affordable while maintaining really high quality.

Late Bow PLUS hockey sticks from TK have a distinct bow at only 200mm up from the heel of the stick and it’s the full 25mm curve allowed by the FIH regulations. This obviously makes 3D work easier and is also brilliant for bringing incoming passed under control as the bow stops the ball running up the shaft.

This brand’s German design is always pushing the limits of hockey stick technology and the 2016 is no different. Yes you will take advance of the Extreme Low bow of the plus shape on the S2, you will also get tonnes of great features all designed to assist your game.

TK hockey have some mind bending technology and I always like a brand that obviously cares so much about technology they write quirky stuff like they have on the TK hockey website page.

The Synergy S2 in 2016 features ‘Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement, Nano Technology, Integrated Dampening System, Sheepfoot Compression Moulding & Carbon Diffusion Technology, which is a mixture of cool and hilarious.

While the Synergy S2 plus hockey stick isn’t the absolute top of the range, enough of these technologies are included to increase power and stability, reduce vibrations as much as possible and make the Synergy 2 longer lasting.

Not sure who writes the website for TK but they have missed an important technology in the list on their site, for the 2016/17 model of the Synergy S2 plus, they have included the brilliant IDS (Integrated Dampening System) in this years stick.

I only remember IDS being included in the Platinum range previously and this is one of the most effective vibration control features on the market. None of them work for a mishit on a cold February Saturday morning but TK hockey IDS system is one of the best there is.

Material composition for the TK Synergy S2 Plus is 70% carbon, 20% fibreglass and 10% aramid which makes it very high spec for the price. While playing with the stick for this review, I noted in my mind that it feels very similar composition to adidas’s compo 1 sticks.

Overall the 2016 TK S2 PLUS is a good stick. It’s great to find an affordable extreme low bow stick and as always, TK have spared nothing in terms of quality. The slick silver and black design is just the icing on the cake.


Material: 70% Carbon, 20% Fibreglass, 10% aramid

Shaft shape: 25mm bow at 200mm up – Extreme Low Bow

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