TK Synergy S3 Hockey Stick Review 2016

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3/5 on March 9, 2017

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Looking for a great value, high quality REALLY LOW bow hockey stick? Then this review of the TK Synergy S3 might just be right for you.

When I say low bow, this TK Hockey Stick shape is one of the lowest to review on the whole market. TK call this little beauty the Extreme low bow, and extreme it sure is! With the main part of the bend at only 200mm up from the ground, it’s the most low bow position of any sticks we review.

Also making the low bow EXTREME, this Synergy S3 TK Hockey stick has the maximum allowed curve of 25mm. This makes the bottom of the stick very very bend and will give you a great feel on the ball, as well as the other benefits of extreme low bow shapes, such as inbound ball control and 3D work.

Generally we review that TK are renowned for good quality hockey stick, and though the Synergy S3 is actually the least carbon content (normally a sign of lesser quality) in the Synergy range of 2017, it’s plenty good enough for a hard playing club member.

We’ve reviewed the Synergy S3 from a couple of years for TK hockey sticks, and this latest model from the 2016 / 2017 season is even better than before. As manufacturing techniques become more common, and cheaper, every time we review new model TK sticks the manufacturing processes find their way up the range.

Sheepfoot compression moulding and carbon straight bar reinforce are all added to the 2017 TK Synergy S3 and these brings even more stiffness and power to the hockey stick.

Material composition wise, initially the Synergy S3 might look a less high quality hockey stick than others with just 60% carbon. However TK use great quality carbon fibres and add 10% aramid to this mix for extra strength and resulting power. Great for strong hard hits.

What I’ve always loved about TK hockey sticks is the grips. I’m not in to wrapping the handle up, and the soft part leather part chamois wrapped handle on the TK Synergy S3 is the same quality as on more expensive sticks, it feels great and grips well.

Also though only aesthetic, the design and colour scheme on the Synergy S3 is pretty cool. Not too bright but still a standout colour, the orange compliments a nice green pitch and looks pretty nice. Of course the legendary elephant is prominent too.

Around our review of the TK Synergy S3 is that this is a great, high quality TK stick for a reasonable price. The effort in the manufacturing process should see it last a good couple of seasons and there’s enough power from the carbon and aramid to make a hard hitting stick.

I’ve noticed in most regions TK have an online shop to buy from. They want full retail price so I’d suggest shopping around, our partners below offer the stick for a discount online, or some sellers on amazon do a good deal too.