TK Total Three 3.6 Composite Hockey Stick 2017 review

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0/5 on December 1, 2017

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I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the 2017 range hockey stick to review. Most have been from the Total One and Total Two models, both the higher end stick range.

However there was this TK Total Three 3.6 stick in the consignment and I thought perhaps it had been sent to me by mistake.

First of all most sticks I’m sent to review are the higher end, most expensive sticks. Second the people who send them to me know I’m a guy. This stick didn’t suit either of those review criteria.

Why did they want me to review the TK Total Three 3.6? The answer to that surprised me.

I gave up buying <£100 hockey sticks a few years back. The fibreglass construction didn’t really give me the power I needed anymore and I chipped the living daylights out of them. This TK Total Three 3.6 has no carbon, so I was expecting the same results.

What TK hockey have done with these Total Three models is great, they have added aramid (the material used for bullet proof vests, Kevlar is just a brand name) to the impact areas of the stick.

This material really beefs up the fibreglass and I found the TK Total Three 3.6 for my review could hit the ball harder than any <£100 hockey stick I’ve used in ages.

What else I like about this TK Total Three 3.6 hockey stick is the shaft shape. It has the ‘Activate’ shape which is a very subtle bow of only 22mm and its high up the stick, 300mm from the heel.

I kind of forced myself to go for lower bow sticks recently but I do enjoy playing with this type of straighter stick. If you aren’t that keen on awkward bows, the Activate shape of this TK Total Three 3.6 hockey stick is great one to review.

With it’s distinctly pink colouring and only being available in a 36.5 inch length it is probably best review for a female player.

It would certainly suit someone who prefers to play with a straighter stick and doesn’t perhaps play regually enough to spend hundred on a hockey stick.

What you can review that the TK Total Three 3.6 hockey stick will do for you is help with increasing the power of your shots and passes. Catch the ball in the right positions of the head and reverse edge and the ball really pings away.

Thanks for the opportunity to review the TK Total Three 3.6 and if you guys want to buy one, here’s a couple of places I’ve found them available at a good price:

Hockey Factory Shop