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This is a great time of year to get a deal on some top end hockey sticks. Brands will be releasing new ranges soon and the end of the season will see a lull for retailers. That means stock will mount and they want rid.

Great news for us hockey players because we can buy in to some of the super top of the range hockey sticks for less. As long as you don’t mind a previous years model.

We’ve compiled the top 10 deals online at the moment for some of the worlds most top end sticks. You are looking at anywhere up to £150 saving on these sticks which is quite a bit of cash.

Here we go, broken in to bend positions with a little overview and a link to where you can buy them.

Extreme Low Bow hockey stick deals:

Let’s start, at the bottom I guess with some top of the range sticks with really low bows, 220mm or lower, ideal for drag-flickers and 3D specialists.

TK Platinum P1 Plus Deluxe hockey stick is a real high end stick, the top of the TK hockey range in fact. 100% carbon, 210mm bow position this is a beast of a hockey stick used by some of the worlds greatest players.

The 2014 model hasn’t really changed too much and originally had a retail price of 299GBP, is sold by some retailers for 270GBP and is available on sale here for just 217GBP !!

See our review of this model stick

Or click here to buy the top of the range hockey stick for nearly 30% off the original RRP


GRYPHON Tour Samurai Hockey Stick is again the absolute top of the range from Gryphon, this stick features in our top 5 hockey sticks to drag flick with feature because of the low bow and awesome Samurai shape that includes a drag-flick groove.

Available at 90% discount on the retail price you can snap up this 2015 model of the incredible Tour Samurai for a sale price of just £210!

Click here to buy the best Gryphon hockey stick for drag flicking from 2015 for £210

>> Warning, they only have the 36.5” models left, I can’t find a longer one for this price <<


TK Synergy S1 Plus Hockey Stick brings you the mind-boggling TK technological advancements and the late bow plus shape (210mm up) with slightly less carbon and more feel.

The crazy thing is this retailer is selling a 36.5m version for  the best sale price £125! These retailed at £260 originally. Why, because they are an incredible stick.

Check out our review of this model here

Or go straight over to the retailers site and buy the TK S1 Plus for this silly low price now! CLICK HERE


MERCIAN Pro-Line 003 Hockey Stick is another of my favorites. If you’ve read any of our reviews of Mercian sticks or had one before you’ll know how much love goes in to making them. 3rd from the top of the Mercian range the Pro-Line 003 is still an amazing stick. And its super low, right on the legal limit of 200mm up.

Again there is an absolute bargain on this stick online, it’s the 2015 model and both lengths are available at the time of writing this piece. It has the carbon content of a Compo 1 model adidas stick and this is really great quality material on a incredible sale.

Buy the Mercian Pro-Line 003 for £130.50 here, yes, £130.50! This is a £200+ hockey stick


GRYPHON Taboo DII Hockey Stick is in the range below the Tour mentioned above but my goodness they are still great sticks. If you are looking for a hard-hitting extremely low bow (205mm up from the ground) then this deuce ii (DII) is an incredible stick for you.

There’s a 2014 model here (not much changed in 2015 other than the design) for, wait for it, sale price of £110!! Click here and just buy this Taboo DII hockey stick right away, what are you waiting for?


Low Bow hockey stick deals:

 Now we move on to sticks with a slightly higher bow position, these are still low at around 250mm and suit a slightly more all-rounder players.

adidas LX24 Carbon Hockey Stick the absolute flag ship of the adidas low bow range is the LX24 Carbon. A great shape with the 24mm bend at 250mm up from the head and this is the 2015 model with 95% carbon and adidas’s great reinforcement material taking up the rest.

This stick is used around the world by some of the greatest players and can be yours via Amazon sale for just £221, that’s only 20% off but to get a bargain on this stick is amazing.

Check out our review of the LX24 Carbon for more detail 

Or buy the adidas LX24 Carbon in this sale for a great price


GRYPHON Taboo Pro Hockey Stick is an incredible hockey stick, this beast is from the taboo range not the tour but is still a great hockey stick. Gryphon’s low bow is 250mm up from the heel and this stick dribbles with ease and then booms with power.

I like this stick so much I actually just bought one based on my own article!

They still have some stock of both sizes 36.5 & 37.5 at a ridiculous sale price of £106! This is another £200+ hockey stick and is worth every penny. This is the 2014 model and again not that much has really changed since it’s release. Great stick.

Buy the Gryphon Taboo PRO 2014 hockey stick for £106 online by clicking here.


GRAYS GR 9000 Dynabow Hockey Stick is the top of the Grays hockey range. This GR (standing for Graphene Reinforced, see our article here for more detail) is a sublime hockey stick, made with one of the most advanced technologies on the field at the moment.

And being top of the range the GR9000 has all the cool features too, particularly the reverse edge reinforcement is amazing. This 2014 model is still current and features Grays incredible Jumbow shape which I think is one of the best low bows out there.

Normally retailing for £300, here you can buy one on sale for just £189! That’s a lot of hockey stick for less that £200…. click, buy, enjoy


Mid to High Bow hockey stick deals

Taking the bend further up for those wanting to use straighter feeling shafts for passing, there are still a couple of great sales for you too.


KOOKABURRA Team Dragon Hockey Stick is in my opinion the best defender focused hockey stick on the market. Kookaburra’s top of the range Team sticks are full carbon and this stick, the Dragon features the Mbow 2 shape.

The Mbow 2 is a high curve at 380mm up giving a much straighter lower part of the shaft for blocks and long slap passes. Because it’s top of the range it has awesome features too, like a triple core for power and skill zone for control. Check the review for more info.

This sale of the 2015 model of the Team Dragon reduced the price by 42% so you can get a £220 stick for £128, bonkers!


MALIK Azul hockey stick has to feature in any top end, mid-bow list. The Malik Dribble curve is 280mm up from the heel and designed for dribbling! Funny that! But that’s exactly what it does, with style! Full carbon, full of features this is an amazing hockey stick.

Not actually on sale but at a great price anyway, our friends at Rampage sport have the top of the range Malik hockey stick for £143 instead of the £200-£220 price you buy it for most places!

Buy the Malik Azul hockey stick online now at Rampage Sport by clicking here.


I should summarise this article, talking about the best deals for hockey sticks online. I guess you haven’t even got this far though as you are buying one of these great sticks in the sale right now!!!!