Top 5 hockey sticks to improve your Drag Flick

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Everyone wants to launch a penalty corner in to the roof of the goal like Callum Giles, Ashley Jackson, Rupinder Singh or Troy Elder. Delivering the skill with power and precession can offer your team a great goal scoring opportunity.

To achieve this kind of standard you need to know the method and practice, practice a lot! Once you have the best technique, there are some hockey sticks on the market which are best for helping you perfect the drag flick.

Generally, a low bow hockey stick will assist in creating the momentum and ball control needed for the best drag flick, however some brands have a focus on creating the best hockey stick for drag flick shots and add additional features to the hockey stick.

And here is our recommendation for the top 5 drag flick hockey sticks on the market in 2016

5 – Beikou Drag 90 hockey stick

Beikou is the new kid on the block on our list (even Ritual is more established) and it earns its place in the best drag flick hockey stick reviews because of extra attention to detail on enhancing the skill.

Though it doesn’t carry on as far up the shaft as the adidas or the Ritual the Beikou Drag 90 has a distinctly concave face which is most beneficial to the scoop required behind the ball to lift if when you launch goal bound.

Like the Ritual, the Beikou Drag 90 has a nice high balance point which aids the transfer through from behind you to a forward motion and the stick is really high spec in all other areas.

We have not had a opportunity to play with this stick yet, so check out this decent review for more details:

4 – Dita Exa 400 hockey stick

Dita make great hockey sticks and they aren’t seen enough on the field in my opinion, if you like to be a bit different, the Exa 400 is certainly going to help you achieve that while providing a great drag-flick enhancing option.

Although the shaft bow position is a little higher (225mm) that some of the extreme bow positions, there’s not much in it and it is still low enough for creating the best drag flick.

Again the main addition to the Dita Exa 400 that helps with drag flicking is the groove in the lower shaft to help guide and control the ball through the snap of the drag flick move. Out of our top 5 the Dita is one of the most pronounced groove and would be great for a hockey player looking to improve as much as perfect.

Check out our Dita Exa 400 review here OR buy Dita 400 Exa stick online via this link

3 – Gryphon Samurai hockey stick

Any Gryphon hockey stick with the Samurai shaft will give you fantastic features to improve your drag-flick skills. Many think the low-bow Deuce II shape is best, the Samurai is designed for out and out drag-flick specialists.

A combination of features assists your drag-flick with the Gryphon Samurai. The first is a slightly cupped heel of the head. The toe of a Gryphon Samurai hockey stick curves just slightly inward, cupping the ball which helps control the launch of the ball.

Second is an indented groove in the top part of the head and lowest part of the shaft. This feature is all about keeping the ball under control as you snap the stick through from behind you to the front. Keeping it in position basically while you add momentum to shoot.

Samurai shafts are available on Gryphon’s top 4 ranges, Tour, Taboo Blue Steel, Taboo Original, Taboo Striker and in four versions of the Chrome Range, the Diablo, Blade & Elan, the later making an advanced technology available at good prices.

We have a range overview of Gryphon hockey sticks (coming soon) and can’t recommend the Gryphon hockey website enough for a way of finding out more.

Alternatively check out this link to buy a Gryphon Samurai hockey stick online right now.

2 – Ritual Specialist hockey stick

One of the best drag flick hockey sticks is without doubt the Ritual Specialist range. There are 3 sticks available with differing material compositions, and associated prices, so a great option for more players.

Down at the bottom of the shaft this 24mm curve at 200mm up is distinct, it gives the Ritual Specialist great control over the top of the ball when drag flicking.

It’s best feature for drag flicks, is definitely the groove, one of the most defined and obvious drag flick grooves of our top 5 the Ritual Specialist will help guide the ball perfectly while you snap the ball.

Personally the Ritual Specialist 2 is my favourite for features benefiting over the cost, check out our Ritual Specialist 2 review for more information

1 – adidas df24 drag flick hockey stick

adidas DF24 model sticks are one of the best seen used to fire drag flick shots from short corners in the elite game.

On top of a very low bow shape, adidas have a great feature in the df24 to hold the ball under control as long as possible through the drag flick move. The Adidas df24 has a distinct concave indent in the lower area of the shaft, it runs about 4 inches from just above the top of the head towards the handle.

This helps you drag-flick by cupping the ball slightly when the hockey stick is low over the ball and moving through from behind you to the release position. The groove, if used correctly, will deliver the ball along the shaft during the ‘snap’ to the best ‘launch’ position on the head, it’s all about accuracy. Very, very effective when perfected.

Only available on the Adidas df24 carbon and Adidas df24 compo 1 you can check out our reviews by clicking on the names there.

Or click here to buy an Adidas df24 drag-flick hockey stick online right now

Choosing your best drag flick hockey stick

These top 5 hockey sticks for drag-flicking specifically feature additional technology to assist with the technique. We would say that any decent low bow can achieve great results, these little beauties just give you a little extra.

Buy one and increase your goal tally this season!

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