Vanquish Vagueness, Voodoo Hockey Stick range 2016/17

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An article about Voodoo Hockey sticks for the 2016 / 2017 season couldn’t have a normal title. The purpose of this article has normal intent though, we want to lay out the Voodoo hockey stick range all in one place to make it easy for you to choose the best stick for your game this 2016 / 2017 season.

If you have already owned Voodoo hockey sticks you will know all about them, if you are looking for a new hockey stick and like to terrify your opponents in to submission, then Voodoo hockey sticks could be great for you.

Having owned both, I would describe Voodoo hockey sticks as ‘Gryphon on Acid’, supreme quality, super hard hitting and unbelievable designs. While they obviously won’t suit everyone, many of us love the whole concept of the Voodoo hockey stick range and will love 2016 / 2017 cult range of sticks.


So how to choose the best Voodoo Hockey stick in 2016 / 2017


Pick the best Voodoo hockey stick shape and here they are, bottom up!


Voodoo AttackPLUS shape hockey sticks – AttackPLUS is the lowest bow Voodoo hockey stick shape, with a 24.8mm bow at 225mm up from the heel. This shape is found on the top of the range CODERED SHOGUN and the 2 Attack Voodoo hockey sticks


Voodoo D.N.A shape hockey sticks – D.N.A shape sticks from Voodoo are still low, just slightly above the AttackPLUS with the big 24.8mm curve at 230mm up from the head. This shape is found on the 2 Voodoo OMEN hockey sticks in the 2016 2017 range


Voodoo BananaShape™ hockey sticks – The trade marked BANANA shape shaft on Voodoo hockey sticks has a flirt with the norm,  0.1mm under regulation, the 24.9mm bow sits at 249mm up from the head of the stick. You’ll find the BananaShape on the Blue Crisp hockey stick models.


Voodoo V3 shape hockey sticks – possibly the only thing about Voodoo’s range in 2016 & 2017 that can be considered similar to other brands, the V3 shape has a classic curve position of 250mm up from the head with a 24.8mm bow. Funnily enough, the V3 shape is found on the V3 models of Voodoo hockey sticks.


Once you’ve got your shape you can choose your required material composition for Voodoo hockey sticks (this will also match up with how much you are willing to spend, shh).

Before we just list these out, you’ve got to know that Voodoo hockey sticks are the dogs dangley’s when it comes to material. The top 5 of the 10 2016 / 2017 Voodoo hockey sticks not only don’t have any fibreglass, the carbon fibre is braided as standard, this is the manufacturing process other top brands only include in one or two of their much bigger ranges. Everything about Voodoo materials screams quality and you are getting a great stick as well as a bit of a quirky brand.


95% carbon with 5% aramid reinforcements – Top of the range from Voodoo include the CODERED SHOGUN and the four LEVEL 1 model hockey sticks.


90% carbon, 5% fibreglass with 5% aramid reinforcements – One of the best material composition specifications for a 2nd tier model range in the industry, this specification is found on the four LEVEL 2 model hockey sticks


65% carbon, 30% fibreglass with 5% aramid reinforcement – Seems crazy to say the lowest specification for the range is 65% carbon, only available in the V3 shape the LEVEL 2 model Voodoo stick is still high spec for a great price to enter the Voodoo hockey world.


Many people are going to choose a Voodoo hockey stick because of the brand, the designs and the coolness of owning one. What they are getting for their quirky choice is a super high specification hockey stick, that lasts forever.

All of the sticks have been designed to be super light, super strong, great thickness and look like a creation by the man who came up with the magic roundabout. If you make a decision to buy a Voodoo hockey stick for the 2016 2017 seasons, you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Buy Voodoo hockey sticks online here at our only partner with the 2016 Voodoo range, Hockey Factory Shop

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