Voodoo Omen hockey stick range review

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0/5 on September 13, 2016

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If finding a hockey stick brand named Voodoo wasn’t weird enough, choosing an OMEN hockey stick is obviously a sign from somewhere that something good is going to happen to you on the pitch.

Perhaps you chose the Voodoo Omen to review because you are in to heavy metal and the design suits your personality. Perhaps you review the Voodoo Omen to help you create an evil multi-goal scoring event during your next season.

Each of these reasons could be correct, however you must review that the Voodoo Omen hockey stick is also an incredibly high quality and high specification stick.


We are going to cover off the 2016 / 2017 season Voodoo Omen hockey sticks in one awesome review. There’s little difference between the two specification wise, with the top of the range Omen Level 1 having a better material composition.

Both Voodoo Omen hockey sticks are very high carbon content. The Omen Level 2 has 90% carbon with 5% fibreglass and 5% aramid for the usual reinforcement in the head and reverse edge.

While the Voodoo Omen Level 1 on quick review has only slightly more carbon at 95% with 5% aramid, the carbon manufacturing process in the Level 1 stick is carbonbraid, the technique lots of brands are jumping on for their top of the range sticks.

With such a slim different you won’t be surprised to hear the Voodoo Omen series sticks both hit the ball really hard and you’ll either be a pro, have a significant mental disorder with the colour or have a spare $100 kicking around to plump for the Omen 1 material composition.

Of course there’s way more to a stick than just the material composition. Everything about Voodoo sticks is incredibly well designed to make for a chunky feeling, light, manoeuvrable hockey stick that is idea for quick forward thinking players.

Head shape and thickness doesn’t often reach reviews, however the Voodoo Omen sticks feature and incredible extended head shape that’s worth a mention. It’s not completely unique but the toe of the head just feels slightly longer than others and allows great control when dribbling.

What else is cool about the head is the thickness, or thinness in this case. I am rubbish at lifting the ball to a 3D dribble when it’s moving away from me. Because this head is a little thinner than my Ritual I found it easier to scoop the ball up gently.

Another reason to review this type of ball control as easy are the balance and weight of the Voodoo Omen hockey sticks. The way it balances in your hand is great, almost level with you right hand in a low position, one of the best balance points I’ve ever found outside of adidas’s carbon sticks.

Light isn’t really the word to describe to review the Voodoo Omen, I can only compare it to the Kookaburra superlight sticks, however it feels so so strong.

Last thing to review is the shape on the Voodoo Omen’s shaft. Obviously being a little different the big 24.8mm curve is lower than low and higher than extreme at 230mm up from the head.

With a slightly open layup the bow position lends itself beautifully to ball control, it’s a dribblers dream. With the power the Voodoo Omen produces, the ease of 3D dribbling and the weight, I can see it working great for a nippy winger who finishes runs with combinations of hard passes and shots.

All round, the Voodoo Omen is a joy to review. Yes, most will buy it for it’s quirky design and branding, though I would recommend it to anyone who has the dribbling skill and role to take advantage of this incredible well designed hockey stick.



Only one of our partners sell the Voodoo Omen hockey stick online. Below you can link to either the Omen Level 1 or the Omen Level 2 if you want to buy one from Hockey Factory Shop.

Buy the Voodoo Omen Level 1 hockey stick – 95% carbonbraid carbon with 5% aramid

Buy the Voodoo Omen Level 2 hockey stick – 90% carbon, 5% aramid, 5% fibreglass


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